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Fantasy and Fantasy Writing from every angle: fantasy and sci-fi novels, films, artwork, superhero cartoons, children's and YA books, manga, anime, video games and comics. Put the microscope on 'Geek Culture'.

My Writing

I write epic fantasy, high fantasy, modern/urban fantasy, a little superhero stuff, and other experimental pieces like sci-fi short stories.

OOTD/Karalan's Legacy
created May 2013

After seven years, the corpse of a girl comes back to life with knowledge she didn't possess when she died - like how to prevent the threat of human extinction. But those powerful enough to help have their own worries; Nuor Priests are teaching dangerous sorcery to the masses, the fairies ignore politics while waiting for their princess to become a queen, the Pharaoh is trying to pacify a frantic empire, and the angels by all measures do not exist. And soon Karalan discovers that something murderous is on the loose, something that she pulled into existence because she defied death.

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Brilliance Of The Light
created February 2015

N/A... for now.


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Dragon Ellen/ The Sorcerer Secretary

Fantasy Sub-Genre: Urban

Chapter Four - An Old Boyfriend and Dragon Murderers

January 2015/rebooted January 2016
Image: adapted Unsplash image


Fiction Friday is a feature on this blog where I post a short story or oneshot I wrote that week. The following is the complete list of all work posted for Fiction Friday.

Novel Excerpts

Supe'd Up: After The Ball
Fantasy Sub-Genre: Superhero

27 January 2014
Image Disclaimer.
Fantasy Sub-Genre: Epic/High

06 June 2013
Image Disclaimer.

Oneshots and Short Stories

Imaginary Fiends
Fantasy Sub-Genre: Urban

24 October 2014
Image: Flower Fairy - Secret Agent -
Fantasy Sub-Genre: Fantasy Realism

17 October 2014
Image: Converse In The Rain b+w by JenniLaSuper
The Paradox Of Flying
Fantasy Sub-Genre: Epic/maybe YA?

10 October 2014
King of Dreams
Fantasy Sub-genre: High

3 October 2014
Image: The Measure Of All Things by Anndr Kusuriuri

Revelation Of The Gateway
Fantasy Sub-genre: Epic

16 January 2014
Image: (? google, basically.)

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