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2015 Reading Challenges

With so many priorities in life, it can be tough to fit in all the stuff you want to do, like: reduce your TBR by half or; explore new fantasy books or; read more of your favourite author... finish a series for once, or something. So, having not found the challenges I wanted on the blogosphere, I'm hosting three of my own right here on Ashana Lian: A Fantasy Writer's Blog. This is my first time doing this, so I hope it's going to be fun and in no way mentally draining. O_O

The aim of these challenge is not only to finally get to that bookish goal you've been thinking about for a while, but also to encourage and be encouraged by others who are doing it too. You will probably find out about awesome books this way, and then of course you can discuss them! =] See how it works?

Challenge 1 - The TBR Smash Challenge!
Main Gist: smash your huge TBR pile into a very small heap by getting through as many as you can, and earning Trophies as you go. Highest trophy to be earned is the SUPREME 'SMASHED IT' Trophy (40 books).

Challenge 2 - The Trilogies and Series Challenge!

Main Gist: Push yourself to read more of the author you love by taking on a series. To qualify, at least 3 books in the series must have be published before 31 December 2015.

Challenge 3 - The Ashana Lian Fantasy Challenge - it's back!

Main Gist: Want to read more fantasy? Now is your chance, with the fantasy challenge. Unlike the 2014 Summer Fantasy Challenge, this one is year long; and comics, manga, and YA fantasy are included.

General Rules

- A blog, Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter or likewise will be need to track your progress.
- You must write an Entry post/Sign Up post to say (a) you are taking part, and (b) what books/series you hope to read.
- Join the link-up and support others who have joined!
- There are no 'levels' like other challenges, but trophies. When you reach a goal and earn that trophy, go for the next one! Can you reach the highest trophy by the end of the year?


I will be taking part too, so you're very welcome to comment on one of my reviews to let me know how you're doing or ask questions. Don't forget to keep me posted, as e
Every 3 months I'll do round-up or Award posts for those who do well so keep me posted! i'll probably also do games and interviews and other awesome things that I haven't thought of yet. =D

The challenges guidelines posts and sign up links will be posted in the coming week. I'm looking forward to it, I hope you are too!

Ashana Lian .



      (But yes, please do. There will (eventually) be cake involved. O_O)


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