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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Review: Saga Volume 6

If you're not already reading Saga, you should be.

The Non-Spoiler part - What Is Saga?

WHAT IS SAGA? How can you even ask?! Only one of the most out-of-this-world, emotionally gripping, artistically fantastic, fascinating and compelling comics of my generation, THAT'S ALL.

Saga, in short, is a love story. During a war. In space.

Marko and Alana are soldiers from the two opposing armies who fall in love and have a child - something so abominable that their own armies want them dead. This is a witch-hunt across the galaxies; complex magic, lie-detector cats, dismembered ghost babysitters and a treehouse spaceship are only a very small element of the AMAZING MADNESS THAT IS SAGA.

Also, the narrator of the story is Marko and Alana's baby :3

Not convinced yet? Here, Let Me Help You.

The Spoiler Part - So How Was Volume 6?

To the newbies - this is where you stop reading and go find a copy of Saga Volume 1. Trust me on this one. Okay? Okay then. I'll see you later, when you're read it. *mwah*


Spoiler review: What a wild, wild ride. Saga Volume 6 was released yesterday on; because I'm with Amazon Student they actually posted it through my door yesterday. I got the alert at work that it had been delivered and couldn't wait to get home. I'd read Volume 4 and 5 over the weekend and the suspense was killing me.

Volume 6 is a year after V5. I can't believe it - again with the time jumps. This comic handles them so well, I'm in absolute awe. (Maybe I'm just not a very good writer.) Hazel has become so smart; her curiousness and naivety is heartwarming. Plus, she's four years old now - FOUR!!!! She grew up so fast, but it's brilliant. Saga is certainly not a tale that drags things out. And yet towards the end of this volume, and I was afraid that Noreen would help Hazel escape and miss Marko by mere seconds - JOY! They reunite! That scene was heartbreaking. When Marko gave her a big bear hug, I was so. Happy. (I'd had a moderately shitty day - not terrible, but still.) The only other part of this volume that made me geek aloud was when Ghüs rode in to save the little Princeling from The Will - perfect.

The ending had me drop-jawed. Alana and Marko's expression summed it up my mix of emotions perfectly - and can we stop to ponder for a moment how on earth they'll be able to keep hiding if their family grows much bigger?! Anyway. It'll be hard to wait for volume 7 to be released but I'll try not to go crazy until we get there.

A quick salute to some very special characters.
  • Marco and Alana :)
  • Hazel - for being a smart little bean.
  • Klara - for being a hard-as-nails warhammer.
  • Izabel - for providing comic relief and being generally awesome.
  • Sophie - for somehow developing a Will of her own (ehehehe... see what I did there?) between volumes 2 and 3.
  • The Will - for putting one foot in front of the other, even if he is losing the plot and gaining a dangerous amount of weight (for a man in his profession).
  • The Stalk - because she is fascinating.
  • The Brand - wasn't she brilliant?! Ugh two volumes was NOT enough. G u t t e d. Still, she might get more ghost-airtime! =D
  • Noreen - for reminding us all of that person who, without knowing us very well, wants whats best for us. What a babe. x
  • Ginny - despite being a sly little homewrecker, for being a breath of fresh air.
  • Heist - oh Heist. :(
  • Lying Cat - no explanation needed. I lub you, cat.
  • King Robot - DID YOU SEE THE SIZE OF HIS HEAD?!?!?
  • And despite her sudden and gut-wrenchingly disappointing cowardice, Yuma, who died as she lived (high as fuck).


What Else Am I Reading?

Probably mentioned this before, but I am heartily tired of DC and Marvel... in the process of being turned away from the comic monopolisers, I eventually became Image's bitch. If it's not Image comics, I am not interested.

The Wicked and The Divine Vol 2 + 3

Read Volume 2 of WicDiv over the weekend - the cliffhanger had me dying. In less than five minutes I had logged onto Amazon to order Volume 3 with Prime One Day delivery. It arrived the very next day and I devoured it. Didn't do much to temper the suspense, but I liked reading the backstories of the less seen Gods. Volume 4 of WicDiv is out in October, which is just torture. It's like when I finished The Falconer and realised that The Vanishing Throne was like a year away. Grr.

Well I should be writing my novel in the meantime anyway.

Paper Girls Vol 1

When I saw that Brian K. Vaughan had a new comic out, I ordered it ASAP. Paper Girls is just as effing brilliant as it is wild. I wrote a review for that on Amazon UK a while back (and a review for Saga 6 on Amazon UK yesterday.) It was nostalgic, unpredictable, and very endearing. The illustrators do such a great job as well - when we get about halfway, each page becomes so otherworldly.

I just LOVE that bit when Tiffany is sat in front of her TV playing that game for ages - I had to read that bit like three times. Even with no speech, it conveyed SO MUCH. Bring on V2.

The Sword Vol 4

I haven't read 1-3 in a long while, but I picked it up two weeks ago and realised that I never did actually finish the story. Ordered Volume 4 and read it for the first time recently. The ending had me stunned and I couldn't stop thinking about it. It was a bittersweet ending to a memorable comic.

I think what got to me most is that so much was left unsaid. There were so many mysteries in the story that'll never be answered. This story also made me think a lot about the darker aspects of human nature. Anywhoo, lets not get too depressing. The Sword, like Freshmen, is one of those comics that pack a real punch and are hideously underrated. If you like fantasy comics, give it a go.

That reminds me, I haven't read Runaways in a long time. Another brilliant one - a story about the children of supervillians.

As always, thanks for dropping by. What have you read lately? Have you tried any of these comics? Got any good suggestions for me? =]

Ashana Lian .

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