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Saturday, 5 December 2015

What Is Important To You In Life? + Hyper Japan Xmas 2016

After much uncertainty, I'm back.

I love this post on How To Master Your Time by Oliver Pemberton. I read it many months ago, but it's really stuck in my head because the analogy is so brilliant. Like a hero who must save the princess before she perishes (but must fight baddies and monsters on the way), it seems like most people want something in particular out of life, but baddies and monsters get in the way - work, school, birthdays, time-wasters, procrastination, and so on. That long-term goal, the thing you're aiming for despite the baddies and distractions, just sits there waiting for you to get there. And if you take too long, you will reach the end of your life before you got the chance to reach that goal.

So I have turned my thoughts to my personal goal in life, which is hard for me to sum up specifically. I hold onto it as something that is so important, that the idea of dying before it's achieved is an appalling idea. But I have to get there before I perish, and it's no longer an option. Which is why, after nine months of completely neglecting Karalan's Legacy (wip), and writing in general actually, and have re-motivated myself to begin again. Or continue, rather.

The Future of This Blog

I still don't know how I'm going to bring this blog back from the ashes, but I'm not giving up on it yet. I pretty much expect all of my current readers to drift away, maybe come back. This blog has been pretty neglected! But I'm going to start posting again. Maybe not about the topics I posted about before. We'll see.

Hyper Japan

I ended up at Hyper Japan last weekend. I didn't really feel like doing a full post, but the summary is that the IA vocaloid 3D concert was amazing; the venue (Tobacco Dock) sucked for this type of event; and as always, I highly recommend everybody to go once. If it's your thing - you will love it. If you discover it's not your thing, it'll still be a memorable experience. Just buy loads of japanese sweets and food. :3

The picture above is the Kuroko no Basuke poster for me, Death Note poster for my brother (I hate Death Note personally though) and 3 books; Samurai Chef by mayamada, Strike the Blood manga and A Brief History of Manga nonfiction book.

New Goals

I'm going to write a short story for my university's Ripple magazine competition. I don't know what made me want to do it, but I'm going for it. I'm also going to try out an essay writing competition for the university press. I'm drawing more, writing more... and surprisingly, singing more. I signed up to a personal development course at my university last month. I'm going to join a society this month, and a sports club next month. I managed to get mentoring, coaching and counselling sessions at my university, so I feel as though I can manage stressful situations better, and they're all helping in different ways. I'm on top of my university assignments (for once). As long as I keep setting progressive goals, I feel like I can face the day more positively.

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