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Sunday, 2 August 2015

Remember Me?: Reading, Writing & Blogging Slumps

Wow. HOW I have missed this lonely purple thing. Hi again, blog. *hug*

Recap Of... Last Five Months =/

Yesterday was this blog's SECOND anniversary. Second! Where did the time go? Oh, yes...

1. Four months working full time
2. Sleeping
3. Drawing
4. Learning how to use Photoshop
5. Tidying my room (I bought this gorgeous magazine binder!)
6. Oh, on that note ^ I created an instagram.
7. Repeatedly buying Mac & Cheese from EAT (it has jalapenos and breadcrumbs on the top omg)
8. Revamping my wardrobe with clothes that actually fit/suit me
9. Thinking up a name for my sister's fantasy publishing company
10. Eating FAR too many Pot Noodles. (I'm not even joking here, we're talking 20 + over four months)
11. Bought another notebook and more pens O_O
12. Finally replaced my watch from North Cyprus! AT LAST. I own time again
13. Sold like, half of my possessions on eBay
14. My mum insisted on putting up brand new curtains. They're cream with red flowers.
15. Going through the biggest reading slump ever *cry*
16. But rereading my favourite mangas and comics *whoo!*
17. Kept having amazing dreams and new fantasy novel ideas, but was too stressed about work to actually write my novel in the entire four months I worked there wahhh :'(
18. Making some important decisions about the career I seriously want to pursue
19. Figuring out some vital things about maintaining my dreads... I know for certain I need a better moisturiser
20. I developed an irrational fear of burglars
21. I went crazy looking for the power lead for my Nintendo 64
22. I found it and happily played The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask for weeks
23. FINALLY figured out how to take a screenshot on my Samsung Ace 4... it's really not the best phone in the world
24. After months of wishing for great summer weather in London, I’m enjoying most of it from inside e_e

And the fun didn't stop there, but I'm going to, lol.

Dear Followers,

Before I continue - thank you again to those who have stuck around all this time, despite the typos, sudden breaks in posting, and deviation from the main topic of this blog... O_O I really appreciate your support and I'm gonna do my best to be more fun. :3

Review Nightmare

I dug a tiny grave for myself regarding fantasy book reviews. You see, at the beginning of the year I kept reading books and not writing the review straight away. So naturally at this point, I have too many unwritten reviews of books where my memory of them is vague and hazy. There's got to be at least 20, including comics. Trying to tackle this systematically isn't as easy as I hoped because a system for writing about something you can’t remember doesn’t EXIST. Dude. Tough times. =/ I’ll have to play it by ear.

I haven't read an actual novel in months. Lack of time and motivation. It's a big fat annoying reading slump and I don't see myself getting out anytime soon. I know it'll take care of itself eventually, but still... goodbyeee Reading Challenges.

This is a great opportunity to write about the comics and mangas I love most, and I’ve been meaning to do that for a long while now. Oh, I must say – THE LAST SCHOOL FOR GOOD AND EVIL BOOK JUST CAME OUT! I am beyond ecstatic – if anything can break my reading slump, it’s got to be that book.

Blogging Nightmare

I dunno what happened. I noticed I hadn't posted in a while, and I thought, 'Hey, maybe I should do something about that.' - and the time kept passing me by and my list of reviews and posts to post got bigger and bigger and I remembered I hadn't posted any fantasy related posts and grew increasingly frustrated until I was actively ignoring my responsibilities and before I knew it - BAM. Five months passed. FIVE MONTHS!!!

It's my own fault. How many times did I tell myself to pre-schedule posts? I have 150 draft posts sitting in Blogger patiently waiting to be seen. Scheduling isn’t HARD. I’m just LAZY.

However, I’m not allowed to call myself that anymore =] I’m doing this awesome thing where I stop procrastinating and do the things I know I’m supposed to. Like practise a language every day, or create a little sketch. It’s so rewarding to see how much you achieve by doing just a little every day. I had to kick myself in the butt a bit to get started, but look, I’m writing this post like I said I would. Many, many months ago. XD See? It works. *grin*

My renewed devotion to fantasy means that I’m preparing a lot of interesting articles for this blog. Post schedule has reverted back to once a week on THURSDAY only. Exciting stuff!


I’m out of a job. Again. =/ I don’t want to do into details, but I’m trying to be forward thinking and optimistic. My eye is firmly fixed on an arts job – an arts administrator would suit me great, I think. If I make sure I take my next step into an arts company, I’ll be heading in the right direction.

I’m going back to university in September. I won’t pretend depression didn’t make some of the past months difficult, but I’m extremely relieved at how much better I’m doing now I’ve sorted out my biggest worries. It sucks on so many levels that I still have to repeat a year of my degree – as I couldn’t complete it the first time for health reasons - but never mind. I really want to finish my degree.

Pulled The Plug... I’m Sorry.  :(

I can no longer give my Reading Challenges on Goodreads or Fiction Friday the attention I want to. Sadly, they’ll be disbanded this year unless somebody nominates to take over (I’m happy to continue creating trophies for challenge winners). Spreading my attention across so many things irrelevant to this blog purpose dilutes the quality of my articles. It’s not worth it.

Using my sketchbook more now. I love felts.

Authorly Goals

My novel, the one with the title that keeps changing, has come to a complete halt. I need to figure out what’s happening with it because I’m not convinced that the story makes the slightest bit of sense. To my readers or to me.

  • Posts on choosing a career in fantasy or literature and how to get started
  • Fantasy tropes and how they can help or hurt the fantasy genre
  • Awesome bookish or fantasy events to look forward to!
  • My pursuits in fantasy illustration and my inspirations
  • And of course, when I can, fantasy reviews for books, comics, manga, anime and movies. Which I KNOW I don’t do enough.


As it turns out, I’m everywhere. Despite my skepticism towards all social media except blogs, I begrudgingly recognise that it is difficult (ie. impossible) to have any sort of career/normal life (lol) without embracing it. Also, I think it’ll be a good idea to watch my progress. Might be fun, right? Or traumatic. Depends, really.

Ashana Lian .
P.S. Thanks for coming back. You guys are NICE PEOPLES.



    We've missed you. To say the least. I hope everything is going great for you! And your novel will be great, don't worry; sometimes we need a break.
    As for your break, I repeat; we all need a break Sometimes. Don't beat yourself up over it!

    1. Hey Cindy! I know, it's been ages >.<
      Thanks, that's so sweet. I'm just itching to get back to writing!! I WANT to, but for some reason the words aren't coming very easily right now. *shrug* You're right, a break is most likely what I needed. =]

  2. Welcome back to the blogospere!. (I hope I spelled that right...)
    Hey, you can never have enough notebooks and pens. (: Can't wait to read those posts you've got saved up.


    1. Hey Rebekah, thanks for commenting! Feels good to be back :3 I'm going to be more sensible with my post schedule this time though e_e
      Very true... I just wish I wouldn't buy notebooks and then take ages to write them! But they're perfect when they're brand new. O_O

  3. I LOVE THE ADDITION OF SOCIAL MEDIA. Can I just say that? Even though I am a shy social media user, I am trying not to, so thank ye very much for joining social media. We can figure out how-to dreads together (although I've never had dreads ever...what dubious things I say). I can't believe you've been gone for five months, but I'm glad they've helped you come to where you are now! Looking forward to all the posts that are coming up AND very proud of (and inspired by) how you're taking control of your life and doing all these productive things at your own pace. May it all work out!

    1. HEYY Mawa! I get you on the social media thing - what's mostly perplexing to me is how people can always think of something to put. The primary use of "social" media is often, ironically, very self-centered and right now I don't consider my life all that interesting, or find it easy to condense the things that matter to me to 140 characters... so coming up with things to share was tricky at first!! But now I have a focus it's much easier. c:

      I can't believe it either, the time just flew. I just have to remember that time will continue to fly by regardless of how digilent or inattentive I am with this blog, so attempting a little bit every day is def the best way forward. Thanks so much! *hug*

  4. Welcome back! It sounds like you've had a really busy time these last few months. It sounds like you've had some setbacks, which I'm sorry to hear about, but I look forward to the exciting new things that we have yet to see, and the return of some good old Ashana Lian back into my feed. Thanks for the update!

    1. Hey Heather!! Great to hear from you =D It's been tough to keep up with blogs I'm following too (no surprise, I'm following over 40 now) which bugs me but can't be helped at the moment. I should be able to catch up soon. Thanks so much for the comment! I hope you'll enjoy the posts to come.

  5. YAY YOU ARE BACK!!!! I AM EXCITED!!! AND I MISSED YA!!! Oh oh and I do so love this post and love that you're doing a little-bit-of-something-arty-every-day that is a totally good idea. I need to do that. I tend to feel like I need to wait until the full moon, in an auspicious month, in the eight hour, with a snack of blue cheese before I actually do something I've been putting off. <-- PROCRASTINATION QUEEN. YUS. *ahem* I hope you get out of your reading slump soon! :D I've been reading some incredible books and some sucky ones and...gah, I feel like thumping the book I'm reading right now. -_- But lucky me I haven't been in a slump for a while. WOO.
    I hope you get the job you want and have a smooth transition back to uni!!

    1. Why HEEELLOOOO :3 The good news is, since I posted this I HAVE been doing more arty things. Bad news is, I haven't yet gotten into a rhythm of doing it every day, but I'm working on it. Lmao, that truly is procrastination at it's finest. (Blue cheese?!)

      Oh by the way, I saw you completed your annual reading goal months ago, congrats!! I'm way behind with my reading goal but not tossing it out just yet! I'm counting on a good book to get me back into reading for fun. Thanks Cait! Much appreciated <3

  6. YAY!!!! I am so happy to see you're back. I have missed you and your blog posts while you have been gone. I have been devouring pot noodles at an alarming rate as well, I can't seem to stop myself. I saw the last book whilst I was out shopping and thought of you, I knew you'd be beyond excited to finally get to read it.

    1. Hi Charnell - the delay in responding to your comment is appalling but I'm sure you can guess what's been going on. I miss blogging as well, but in the last month or so I really haven't been connecting with it. I feel deeply unhappy and needed time out to figure out what on earth's up with me, I'm not giving up just yet. c: I have sorely missed reading your blog and will pay a visit very soon <3


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