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Friday, 6 March 2015

Fiction Friday: Where is your story set?

It's Fiction Friday, the meme for writer-bloggers! For those who are taking part, share a snippet on your work and link-up. Support each other, and if the blogger asks, give them constructive criticism! If you don't have anything to share this time, answer this week's question:

Where is your story set?

To see past and future questions for the next few months and find out more about this feature, visit the main About Fiction Friday post.
I'm posting chapters of a fantasy short story for the next few Fiction Fridays, but there will be a little delay because of some pretty major changes in my life these past few weeks. Bear with me!

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  1. Huh, I like this idea of yours where you ask questions for writers to answer. It's good to know these things about your story/characters, even if the info never makes it into the actual book. The characters are more fleshed-out this way, I think!
    I have a vague WIP going on and my answer to this one would be: it's set in contemporary New York City and then also in a remote part of Ontario, Canada, but it's a paranormal romance. (I haven't shared anything from this online yet, it's still very small and unformed, but I'm slowly working on it.)

    1. I do want these questions to help writer-bloggers. =] but hopefully people will take the dive and post some of their work!

      Oooo, interesting =o I don't normally read paranormal romance, but I also don't mind branching out of my comfort zone every now and then. =D If you write a post about it, or tweet about it, you're more than welcome to add the url to this weekly link-up!

  2. I was going to join in, but I totally forgot. Just like I forgot to follow your blog. So sorry! I'll do this next week, I promise:)

    1. Aw, lol! Because people get busy (especially me), the Fiction Friday link-up is open until the following Thursday. So you still have time to link-up if you want to! Have fun, and thanks for dropping by.

  3. Ooh, this is such a cool idea for a link up! I am going to have to join in, maybe this week. I don't always have the space to post it on a Friday though, so I may have to shunt it to another day of the week. But it's so awesome I definitely want to join in.

    1. Hi Imogen! Ooo it would be great if you joined. As I said above ^ the link-up is open until the following Thursday, so you're welcome to delay your post. You could even link-up a tweet if you wanted! (Which does defeat the point... but at least you'd be engaging. =D )
      Muchas gracias for commentinggg :D

  4. Uh, my story is set in a huge city like prison for the evillest of criminals. My MC (Bellamy) has been wrongfully charged with the gristly murder of his father and his colleagues, and he has to escape and prove his innocence.

    -Cindy @ Open Your Eyes And See

    1. OMG. Soo intriguing. This question has had the most amazing answers =D In fact, this kinda reminds me of Vicious. =D
      If you do a post, link-up! Otherwise, keep on writing your WIP!


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