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Friday, 27 March 2015

Fiction Friday: What are your main character’s weaknesses?

It's Fiction Friday, the meme for writer-bloggers! For those who are taking part, share a snippet on your work and link-up. Support each other, and if the blogger asks, give them constructive criticism! If you don't have anything to share this time, answer this week's question:

What are your main character’s weaknesses?

To see past and future questions for the next few months and find out more about this feature, visit the main About Fiction Friday post. 
Note: I'm posting chapters of a fantasy short story for the next few Fiction Fridays, but there will be a little delay because of some pretty major changes in my life these past few weeks. Bear with me!

Ashana Lian .


  1. Hi Ashana! My character Lenny is an eight year old boy and his main weakness is his mental disorder: He has this world in his mind called LennyLand that when he drifts off into it he becomes comatose. =(
    Thanks for visiting my blog! :)

    1. Hey Cindy! You have the most interesting ideas. What's the name of this WIP? I'd love to hear more about it.

    2. It's called LennyLand.....I may post it. You never know! ;)

    3. If you do, leave your link here so I can check it out. =D

  2. That's a pretty fun questions! My story isn't completely clear, even in my own head, lol. I've started to write it, not much, though. Anyway, my main character weaknesses is that she's mad and extremely superficial. Her real name is Chryshell but most of her friends and family call her Bunny. She's quite a flawed character, lol.

    The thing is that she's litteraly mad. In my story, there several types of vampires and her kind of vampires called wayans can develop a form of madness, that can potentially lead them to turn into monsters. There are reasons behind their madness, but I don't want to bore you with the détails. Anyway, basically my MC hear voice in her heads, she very real visions, sometimes, she has trouble remembering who she is and she has nightmares .

    About her second fatal flaw, her superficiality, well to say it bluntly Bunny is a goldigger. She was born into a very poor and dysfuntional familly. She hails from the ghetto. And in her world, getting money, having a rich husband/ boyfriend is all that matters. She's ready to do almost anything to get money. Lol, she's actually a sweet person, it's just that she's got her priority wrong, haha

    1. This got REAL deep REAL fast, Sarah!! Wow. That's such a interesting idea, though. Despite having been so tired of vampires lately, I feel as though I would be interested to read this. O_O As for your MC she sounds complex in the sort of way that would be pretty funny in a book. It's bizarre though. When you explain it, it doesn't sound as though those two aspects of her personality would go together very well. But there'e no way to tell unless you write it - so I can read it!!

      Thanks for sharing, and best of luck with your story =D


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