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Thursday, 19 February 2015

New and Improved Weekly Feature: FICTION FRIDAY

Welcome to the new and improved Fiction Friday, the feature that showcases the work of budding authors! This is a feature I have run on this blog since last year, only now it has become a weekly link-up.  My only request is that if you take part, link back to this blog so that the network of writer-bloggers can grow.  You simply post a bit of fiction, use the above banner in your post, and then add your link to the link-up widget! It’s a great way to discover new bloggers (who may become authors in the near future. =D)

You can participate in one of two ways. First Option: you can share a snippet. The snippet can be any length, but between 500-2000 words is pretty good because it’s a satisfying amount to read in one go, and not too long. Also, if your readers get engrossed, they’ll come back for more!

Second option: answer a question about whatever it is you are writing. This option is only for if you don’t have anything ready to share yet or you are uncomfortable sharing your actual work. That’s perfectly fine, but do the First Option if you can because it builds your fan base, increases your confidence, and allows others to give you constructive criticism. It also lets us avid penniless book readers read something for free. Whoo! :3

Upcoming Second Option Fiction Friday Questions:

3 April 2015 What were your inspirations for this story?
10 April 2015 – What is the biggest catastrophe that takes place in your story?
17 April 2015 – What is the relationship between your main character and their parents?
24 April 2015 – What is the primary romance in your story?
1 May 2015 – Who is the villain in your story?
8 May 2015 – Who is the youngest character in your story?
15 May 2015 – Who is the oldest living relative of your main character?
22 May 2015 – Who does your main character respect or admire the most?
5 June 2015 – How did your main character’s parents get together?
12 June 2015 – Assuming your main character likes reading, what would be their favourite book?
19 June 2015 – What is the moral of your story?
26 June 2015 – Who was your main character’s first love (and did it last)?
3 July 2015 – Where would your character go on summer holiday, and who with?
10 July 2015 – Why is your main character the most important person in your story?
17 July 2015 – Can you share a quote that describes your feelings while writing your story?
24 July 2015 – How did you decide on names for your characters?
31 July 2015 – Are there any important animals in your story? Tell us about them.
7 August 2015 – How does your novel fit into its genre? (ie. What makes it a fantasy novel?)
14 August 2015 – What subject most interests your main character?
21 August 2015 – What object (such as an accessory, weapon or charm) would your main character never be without?
28 August 2015 – What does your character look like?
4 September 2015 – What is your main character’s habits?
11 September 2015 – How long have you been writing your novel?
18 September 2015 – Where is your character’s favourite place to be?
25 September 2015 – Where is YOUR favourite place to write your novel?

Past Second Option Questions:
2. 27 February 2015 – What is the strongest friendship in your story?
3. 6 March 2015 – Where is your story set?
4. 13 March 2015 – Has your main character ever done something they were ashamed of?
5. 20 March 2015 – Does your main character have any siblings? Tell us about them.
6. 27 March 2015 – What are your main character’s weaknesses?

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