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Friday, 6 February 2015

My Fantasy Novel's 2nd Birthday Terrifies Me

My baby is going to be two years old. Which is wooonderful. ONLY.


So it's February. A month has already flown by of the new year and I can say for a fact, I haven't written as much as I hoped. Changing jobs is very stressful indeed. The two combined is making my depression a fair bit worse, and I've eaten so much junk, it's a wonder my skin hasn't broken out again.

Karalan and Silk (that's the Prince of Pearls, for those who remember) are in my thoughts all the time. When they support each other with their problems, especially with Karalan's depression, I remember how much I need to write this story. I finally added up all the word counts for the documents, and that had some pretty dismal results... and - oh shit, that reminds me...

Writing As An Alternative To Alcohol and Drugs - Just Get Drunk And High On It

What do people do to forget their problems? Drink? Drugs? Well I don't, but I do write like a maniac. It's great therapy, unless its your profession. When I've spent ages writing a good scene, I stumble into bed with a book like, 'I AM AWESOME.' And when I don't, I stumble into bed half-crying, 'I'M SO AWFUL!'

My goal for Karalan's Legacy/Out Of The Dust is 100k. Words, that is, not readers. (Though one hundred thousand readers... wow!) I finally did the maths. I have written, and no I am not shitting you: Two hundred and forty-eight thousand, four hundred and twenty-two words.


How could I have written that much, more than DOUBLE my goal, and it's not finished? What am I going to do?! This is terrible.

You may remember the post when I mentioned my biggest chapter being the introduction of the Prince of Pearls, which is 35 thousand words. It should really be thirty-five hundred, or something. I very badly want to finish this story so I can EDIT it already! No wonder I ended up starting a new one! Oh, by the way, I will do a post on Brilliance Of The Light soon. I also need to catch up on some tags and awards (thank you all c:) But first of all, and without further delay:

Beautiful People #6, part 2! These questions are for Karalan's Legacy/OOTD and examine Cassie and Jory, two of her companions.

The Questions

1. How long have they been a couple?
At the time when Karalan is resurrected, six years. They remain a couple throughout the story.

2. How did they first meet?
After escaping her stifling hometown and the scrutiny of her parents, Cassie ended up voyaging with Bicher Bikers until she ended up on Xivi Island. Jory had remained at the House Of Nocsaare after Karalan died there. The House of Nocsaare is thought to belong to Ankou, the personification of Death, so it wasn't the most romantic place to meet.

3. What were their first thoughts of each other?
Due to the trauma of Karalan's death and the endless stream of fighting afterwards to prevent her body being moved, Jory is quite broken and doesn't notice Cassie much. But Cassie was drawn to him immediately, and her first thought was, 'I've never seen someone look so sad.'

4. What do they do that most annoys each other?
Fast forward - Karalan has returned to life and they are now on the mainland with Dim. It annoys Cassie that Jory can be emotionally numb a lot of the time, but is able to feel annoyed or affectionate towards Karalan. It annoys Jory when Cassie tells the Prince of Pearls and the crew of his ship things about their personal life.

5. Are their personalities opposite or similar?
Opposite. Jory is always the same; calm, mature and rational. Cassie is dynamic, high energy, charming and alluring, but the maternal part of her is happy to settle and be at peace living her life at Jory's side.

6. How would their lives be different without each other?
Cassie would have kept adventuring, and as she was dating a series of destructive boyfriends she probably would have continued doing that. Jory would have left Xivi island eventually, but much later in life. They would each have found a way to be happy, but they never would've known the serenity they would've found with each other.

7. Are they ever embarrassed of each other?
Cassie is never embarrassed of Jory, but Jory can get embarrassed at the moment when Cassie tells their friends priate things!

8. Does anyone disapprove of their relationship?
Nope, not in this story. Secretly, most of the other characters are as envious of their happiness as much as they are happy for them. Oh wait sorry, Cassie's parents would disapprove if they knew, but they don't. c:

9. Do they see their relationship as long-term/leading to marriage?
In this fantasy world, a marriage needs seven people and a sentinel (or several) present. Cassie and Jory are cut off from all family, and the sentinels are extinct by the time the story begins. The modern world does marriage ceremonies in a new way, but as they were already in a long-term relationship, they saw no reason to marry when they could simply continue what they were doing. They are regarded as if they are already married.

10. If they could plan the “perfect outing” together, where would they go?
Cassie would want to go somewhere that reminded her of their home of Xivi island and Jory would want to go somewhere that reminded him of Bless'd Bay - so they would stay by the sea.


I've already joined the link-up in my other post, so to find out more about Beautiful Books, how to link-up, or about my new WIP Brilliance Of The Light, click this link.

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  1. Aw, they sound cute! I'm also amazed: I can't imagine trying to write a 200,000+ novel myself!

    1. I'll be honest with you. I'm really annoyed. I don't keep track of what I write and I should have made a more solid plan. Nothing will be 'wasted', except more of my PRECIOUS TIME D=
      lolhehehe. Thanks for commenting, Heather.

  2. 1) LOVE THE HEADER THINGY. Did you take the picture yourself?
    2) You just keep on surprising me (and of course, yourself) with the word count. Sigh. Fantasy writers. Typical. (I say with a smile because OH MY DAYS PPL ARE READING THIS WHERE CAN I FIND IT?!?!?!?!?!?!)
    3) Writing sure is therapeutic! (And what's this about a new WIP huh?)

    1. 1) Nope, I found it on Unsplash! They post high quality creative commons photos, so you can do whatever you want with them, edit them or whatever. But the official header IS COMING!! Soon! (LOL I swear.)
      2) I know, I'm sorry. >.< I'm afraid that I'll have to scrap most of it so that the story is concise and without waffle =/ No readers yet! But I was just saying, imagine if that many people read my book. My mind would melt. o_O

      3) Yeah. Writing is the only reason I'm, like... 5% sane. (Or actually, it might be the reason I'm 95% crazy.)
      4) *gasp* Somebody asked! OKAY LADY, YOU GOT'CHA SELF A DEAL! I will commence Karalan fan art... er... *mumbles* sometime soon...
      Thanks for commenting c:

  3. Congratulations on writing so many. freakin. words. I love Cassie's first thought of Jory - that's so sweet. :)

    I nominated you for this award:

    1. Thank you! I just hope it will count in the end and I haven't just wasted a lot of time. =/
      Aww another tag! That's really kind of you. I'll get round to that as soon as I can!

  4. Well isn't it great to have more words than you expected? That's mean you're really feeling your story and you have a lot of ideas for it. At least you're sure that you'll have the energy and desire to write it.

    1. I hope so! I hope when I pass it on to beta readers that they don't go: *chews gum* "Weeeell 90% of this story doesn't need to be here..." I would just, pffft. Cry or pass out or something. Hahaha! Oh that could be true as well.

      But the story isn't finished. If I end up with 300,000 words, I'll have to literally cut out TWO THIRDS of the story to get it down to my goal. =/ Nerve-wracking.

  5. Wow, that is quite the achievement O_O I could never be able to write that much

    1. Think of it this way! You've probably written that much in many forms; maybe blog posts, poems, half-finished stories and short stories combined... I guess normally people don't write 200k words for one thing, that's all. Unless you're George R.R. Martin. o_O Thanks for dropping by!

  6. I've been very behind on all things blog! *hangs head in shame* But it does mean I get to come and binge read a bunch of your posts! YAY! :)

    1. I applaud the fact you have written over 200,000 words! THAT'S A LOT! I know it must be quite scary thinking about the editing process, but I bet it'll be worth it.

    2. Awww okay!! I need to do the same for yours. I do try and posts when I see the post, but sometimes I have to bookmark 'em and then I forgeeeet.... *sigh*, well, you know how gruelling job hunting can be. =/

      Thank you, and YES YOU UNDERSTAND! That's what I'm dreading. =s SCARY SCARY! *wobbles*

  7. I've been writing one of my novels for three years which is supposed to be a series, and I feel as if I'm going to be stuck on it for quite a long time. But I love your answers for the character thing! Your world building is quite rich; seven people AND a sentiel? That's brilliant right there. Bravo, m'dear!

    xoxo Morning

    1. Hmm that gave me a thought. Do you think you've been stuck on it a long time because you're thinking about how the whole thing will pan out, or is it something else that's making it take a while? Often, I have an idea and I immediately know it's gonna take me ages because I have to work the whole thing out before I start writing, unlike this novel. -le sigh-

      The marriage ceremony is to do with the way religion works in this fantasy world, which is too complex to get into on a Tuesday morning XD Thanks for your comment! Much appreciated.

  8. Wow, that is a lot of words. I would imagine that you have a very rich world. It'll be hard to axe some of those hard written words I'm sure, but you'll have so much material to work with that you certainly won't have to worry about there not being enough story. I have the opposite problem. I write very short, simple drafts, so editing if me is all about adding words rather than cutting them out. I have a dream of one day writing something long though. You can finish your book though. You've had dedication to get this far. You can go on and finish it!

    1. Hey, that's a good point! I do go VERY overboard on descriptions as I try to bring my fantasy world to life. So actually, that's probably my main problem right there. Good thinking!

      I know *bawls* I don't want to axe my darling! Aww, thanks for being so supportive Imogen. I never thought of it as perseverance; usually I just berate myself for taking so long to write anything. That's cheered me up. I'm gonna go write something now! YEAH! <3

  9. Good luck on getting it finished! I can't believe the amount of words. I'm so envious now. Hahaha. I can't wait to see it when it's done:)

    1. LOL please don't be envious... if you saw the draft, you'd laugh me out the door! And like I said to other Kat (^ above) you've definitely written that much, just as many different forms instead of one thing. Thanks for dropping by :3

  10. First of all... 200,000+ words?! Wow. I just... Wow. Go you. I know that's way above your desired word count, and it might make the revision stage a challenge later on, but good for you for not giving up on it. Don't feel about it taking so long, btw. I've been working on the first draft of my WIP since January 2013, but the end is in sight. I've got about 2 1/2 chapters left to write now.

    I like what I've read about Cassie and Jory. It's too bad that circumstances won't allow them to have a true marriage, but the fact that they've been together for 6 years says something. I also like how they're opposites. Jory's calm nature might be able to balance Cassie's enthusiasm. On the flipside, Cassie probably makes Jory's life a little more interesting. *lol* If you don't mind me asking, what attracted them to each other (apart from your answers in #2 and #3)?

    This is my first time visiting your site, btw. So I'm going to take a gander around - but at first glance, your banner image is spectacular! It's so vivid and pretty. :D

    1. You have no idea how encouraging it is to hear you've made it through your fantasy novel. Congrats! After I did the calculations, I tried to make another estimate at how long it would take me to finish and... well er let's not talk about it. I makes me despair a little! =S Maybe I was wrong all along and this novel will be larger than I thought.

      Cassie and Jory having opposite personalities wasn't much something I thought about! If they had met when they were both younger, they would be very much the same, but circumstances have forced Jory to steel himself and guard his emotions more. What attracted them to each other was the appreciation they had for each other's hardships. Cassie had been constantly belittled and scolded by her parents so she ran away to escape them. But when she found Jory she suddenly realised her problems were nothing compared to his, and wanted to find some way to help him. As I said before Jory didn't notice Cassie at first, but over time he became aware of the subtlest ways she supported him, and realised she stayed when everybody else had left. After he took notice of her he realised there was a physical attraction too and things kinda took off from there.

      Thanks!! I usually have a crappy self-made banner there so this time I decided to try something different, and have a pretty fantasy image. I hope you like my blog and I appreciate that you dropped by. c:

    2. Thanks! And you're welcome. I always try to visit the blogs of anyone who comments on mine, just out of courtesy. But since we're both fantasy writers, we're kind of birds of a feather - so we should stick together. ;)


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