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Friday, 27 February 2015

Fiction Friday: What is the strongest friendship in your story?

It's Fiction Friday, the meme for writer-bloggers! For those who are taking part, share a snippet on your work and link-up. Support each other, and if the blogger asks, give them constructive criticism! If you don't have anything to share this time, answer this week's question:

What is the strongest friendship in your story?

To see the upcoming questions for the next few months and find out more about this feature, visit the main About Fiction Friday post.

I'm posting chapters of a fantasy short story for the next few Fiction Fridays, but due to short-notice interviews and suddenly being offered a job (!!  WHOO! =D) I have been unable to finish up the next chapter this week. Apologies for the delay, and it will be posted tomorrow.

My answer(s)

Karalan's Legacy

The strongest friendship in the Kaia group; Karalan, Jory, Cassie, Dim, the Prince of Pearls, Enny, and Rogs. Karalan is their driving force. They lay their beliefs on her and without meaning to, their hopes as well. She slowly comes to realise, being someone who has mostly felt alone, that the Kaia group love her like family.

Everybody knows how their group works - Karalan's response to most things is offended or aggressive; Cassie is the other main girl and she charms and teases, but with her partner Jory she's calm, content, and maternal; Jory is mostly silent, but is extremely good and finding whatever food is available (or hidden) and eating it all without telling anyone. As the oldest, he also takes the odd moment to talk to tell them something important, usually something nobody else has noticed.

The Prince of Pearls and Karalan understand each other on a level, so he keeps her calm and rational when she trademark fury boils over. He's also the joker of the group and brings up the mood and morale of the others. Enny Brijettie is the ray of sunshine, the girl who always laughs and is never without a smile. Enny has been sheltered from most hardships and is moderately rich, so she tries to get them the connections they need or private/expensive resources they wouldn't otherwise have access to. Finally, Rogs is the first mate of the Silk Maiden, the Prince of Pearls' ship. He's crude, loud, swears a lot, drinks a lot, and sleeps with too many girls to count. Most of the group dislike him, Karalan and Jory in particular, but excepting the Prince who sees his heart of gold, and Cassie who finds him amusing.

Oh wait, Dim! I always forget him. Ironically my characters always forget him too. Dim is the weirdo of the group, being the only one who isn't human - he's insanely curious, always wandering off to explore for large chunks of time, prodding things, setting things on fire to see what will happen, spinning things. Almost everything he says is a question. He is generally liked by the group, although he drives them insane.

So there you have the Kaia Gang.

Brilliance Of The Light

The strongest friendship in this book is between Sati and The Light Of The Forest, and they become friends later in the story. What makes their friendship so powerful is that they don't actually speak to each other but communicate through motions and music. They both have an affinity for the forest.

The Light Of The Forest takes the appearance of a little girl, but it is actually millenias old. It is curious, respectful and joyful towards Sati, and often relied of Sati for stronger connections to the real world, for example, when other people are present. Sati, at this time of the story, is probably about thirty-five. She is drifting between a dreamlike human state and an exhilarating deity state, and The Light Of The Forest helps her to cope with her newfound knowledge.

The other strongest friendship is between Sati and her husband, Nandin. When they met, their personalities were so much alike that love and friendship came hand in hand. Later on, when Sati began to come out of her shell, their relationship was tested but ultimately they never doubted the strength of their bond, and how fierce their would fight to stay together.

Ashana Lian .


  1. I love those names. Especially Karalan. Very unique, never heard that before! from A Bug's Life? Ha, I'm joking. Pretty bad joke though...*hits self over head with pillow*
    Thanks for following my blog! I've got a couple new updates, but I've been mega busy as of late so sorry! Maybe you could check them out? Leave a little comment if you can!

    1. I must admit, I am particularly fond of Karalan. I was unsure of the name at first but I like its simplicity. I have no idea how I came up with Dim!

      That okay, I've been super busy as well - as you can tell, I've barely updated this blog, and I have a BUNCH to catch up on. I will do my best to check out your posts ASAP! Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Your main friendship for Brilliance Of The Light sounds really interesting. It's so different from typical literary relationships, since it's between a human(ish?) character and a non-physical entity. Do you find it easy or challenging to write about their communions together? (I wasn going to use "conversations," but since they're not actually talking, that word doesn't quite fit...)

    It also reminds me a bit of the primary relationship in Karina Sumner-Smith's "Radiant." It's between two girls: one who's alive and can see and speak with ghosts, and one who's... well, a ghost. :) Have you heard of "Radiant"?

    1. I know what you mean, I can tell I'm going to struggle to describe their communication! Yep, I think using the word 'conversation' is out, haha. I haven't written that part of the story yet - as the progress bar top left shows, I've done little work on it actually! I was devoting time to Karalan's Legacy/OOTD while I solidify the plot of BoTL. I imagine it would find it challenging though.

      I haven't heard of Radiant, but have YOU heard of The Dead Boy and The Papercut because it sounds very similar to that! It's about a deaf girl who can hear ghosts, and a... well, a ghost. c: It's on Cait's Wattpad. And I will check out Radiant. Thanks for commenting!


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