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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Trilogies and Series Challenge || 2015 Link Up

You know when you're so frantic about how many books you have to read that you kind of just read one of everything, for variety, and never get round to more of the authors you really like? No? Well maybe it's only me. e_e Still, the series challenge encourages you to not only start but complete a series, whether it be three books, four books, or forty books. O_O (The last one was a joke. Ain't nobody got time fo' that.)

- You can start at any time (it's okay if you started the series before this year), but you must finish before 31st December 2015.
(Link-up closes 3rd March. After that, leave your link in the comments.)
- Trilogies and series only: must be 3 or more books in the series.
- From the first book to the last OR most recently published book in a series, counts as ONE 'completed' series.
- Spin-off novels or novellas do not count.
- Any length and any genre; for example, mangas count. But comics, because they can span into the hundreds, do not count.
- If you end up disliking the series and stop at any point before the last/most recently published book, it DOES NOT COUNT!
- Your goal: 3 series, but you can also try for the Superhero and Overlord trophy! (I won't be, because: uni and work.)
- When you finish a series, you must write a short review of it (it can be a small paragraph if you want) on a blog, Goodreads, or similar.
- Anyone can enter but to validate your challenge, you must write the Entry post.

Oh, by the way...
If a newer book in the series will be published before 31st December 2015, you still have to read that before the deadline for the WHOLE SERIES to count. (I hope your series doesn't have a book coming out on 30th December!)

Instead of levels, the TASChallenge uses trophies. If you're really ambitious, you can aim for the highest trophy! When you earn one, leave a comment or tweet with #trilogiesseries hashtag, and go for the next.

1 series - Better than none! Costumed Crusader trophy
2 series - On a roll! Saga Sidekick trophy
3 series - Hit the mark!  Humble Hero trophy
5 series - Superhero I HAVE THE POWER trophy.
9 series - Overlord of the Trilogy, Quadrilogy, Pentalogy, Hexology, and other sequential books created by authors could not stop writing. Trophy.

I want to do it! What do I do first?

1. Write an Entry post that says you're taking part (on a blog or other social media) and lists the first three series you're going to try. This can change as you go along.
2. Grab the Trilogies and Series challenge banner to put in your Entry post and link back to this blog - Ashana Lian: A Fantasy Writer's Blog.
3. When your Entry post goes live, put the TASC button in your blog' sidebar or footer.
Finally... join the sign-up linky below! Make sure you put the link to the post, not your blog.
Don't forget to support the other bloggers who take part!

Click Here for the Trilogies and Series Goodreads Group.

CLICK TO TWEET! "Only for the Awesome = the Trilogies & Series reading challenge on Ashana Lian's Fantasy blog! Join: #trilogiesseries"
As always, if you have any questions you can contact me using the comment form below, via pm on twitter or goodreads, or leave a comment. HAPPY READING!

Ashana Lian .

P.S. Check out my other 2015 challenges!


  1. I have so many posts scheduled atm, but THIS WILL GO UP SOON 'CAUSE I AM PARTICIPATING. Your button making skills are superb. x)

    1. I can imagine!! I have a lot of posts to churn out too. I'm glad you're taking part.
      And hey, thanks!!! I'm glad the buttons look good because they're so fiddly and I'm a biiiit of a perfectionist. e_e (In my entry post next Tues/Thurs, I was going to share a printscreen of my button-making process, for those who are interested. c:)

  2. Bookmarking this post so I can come back to it. I'm gonna become a Overlord of Series. >:]

    1. WHOO! Go you! I really want to read at least 3 series this year. I started a few last year, so hopefully I can just read the final two of each and be done. =D Keep me posted, it'll be great to follow your progress.

  3. Replies
    1. Glad you decided to join! It's taking me some time to get round to my first series e_e But hopefully soon. I really want to get through more this year.


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