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Sunday, 4 January 2015

TBR Smash Challenge || 2015 Link-Up

TBR = To Be Read. The "TBR Pile" refers to every book you've looked at and thought "I must/ should/ will/ need to/ get round to reading that." Which is why it never ends.

I work in a bookstore. I see a LOT of books I want to read. I see more in the library, at a friends house, at my sister's place, online, on blogs, on publishing house newsletters - and I'm just adding away to my virtual TBR, which is an Amazon wishlist I've kept for years.

But then there's the PHYSICAL TBR. I never enter giveaways or competitions, so every book on my makeshift bookshelves were either gifts, or those I bought myself at fantasy events (follow the link to discover any I've been to lately!) to signed by authors. And what about library books? Ebooks? What about that job lot of 85 fantasy books I bought off eBay? IT GETS CRAZY, DOESN'T IT?!

Well, the TBR Smash Challenge will be hosted exclusively on this blog, and hopefully it'll help you (and me!) to smash that brick wall of books into bite-size pebbles. There's also the advantage of being able to see the floor of my bedroom. Yay!

- You can start anytime, but the challenge ends on 31st December 2015.
(Link-up closes on 3rd March though. After that, leave your link in the comments.)
- Track your progress on a blog or other social media, eg. Goodreads.
- It has to be a book that has been sitting around, ideally for more than a month. Therefore:
- Books published in 2015 DO NOT COUNT.
- Any book, any genre, any length, includes ebooks, mangas, and comics.
- Your goal: 15. I'm sure you'll want to read new books too. If you're mainly reading your TBR's this year, go for the gold! (Supreme 'Smashed it' Trophy: 40 books.)
- Anyone can enter but to validate your challenge, you must write the Entry post.

TBR Smash doesn't have levels like other challenge, instead it has trophies. All those taking part, try to aim for 15! If you have the time/motivation, aim higher. Don't forget to leave a comment or tweet me when you reach a goal!

5 books: Managed it.
10 books: Tackled it.
15 books: Wrecked it.
25 books: Dismantled it!
40 books: SMASHED IT!

1. Write an Entry post to declare your participation (any social media will do. A blog is best.) and list the first five books you'll tackle from the pile. Make yourself excited for it!
2. Grab the TBR Smash banner to put in your Entry post, and link back to this blog: Ashana Lian: A Fantasy Writer's Blog.
3. When your Entry post goes live/is posted, put the TBR Smash button in your blog's sidebar or footer.
Finally... join the sign-up linky! Make sure you put the link to the post, not to your blog.
Don't forget: support the other bloggers who take part!

Recommended Practice
1st - Read library books so they can be returned.
2nd - Read books on your PHYSICAL TBR pile.
3rd - When (LOL, I mean IF) you clear that, you can read the books on your VIRTUAL TBR that have been sitting in your Goodreads 'Want To Read' or Amazon Wishlist for years.

Click Here for the TBR Smash Goodreads Group.



Any questions? Leave a comment, tweet me, or use the contact form in this blog! Come on gang, let's do this.

Ashana Lian .

P.S. Those buttons took me AGES to make.
P.P.S. And this post took me HOURS to put together. Who knew link-ups and button grab boxes could be SO CONFUSING?!?!
P.P.P.S. I am hosting two other Challenges this year:

You may also like to know, Crini at All About Books is hosting the TBR Reduction Extreme challenge, which I have decided not to do because it takes the form of a battle - you pair up with another blogger and try to beat their TBR reading score. But with work and university, I can't commit to that, but you may find it interesting, as I did.


  1. Okay! Okay I'm going to sign up! I've tweeted, but I'll mention this in my weekly recap post too. *nods* I've already read 1 fantasy book so that can count, right?! It wasn't published this year and I read it on the 1st of Jan. This is a GOOD idea! I really want to get my tbr down to like, um, (yes I know it's hilarious) just 7 books at a time. I think that'd be nice. DREAM ON, CAIT.

    1. WHOO!! I hope this is one of the easier challenges... after all, all of us hope to get our TBR down right? I tested out the tweet thing so it should be okay. (should've remembered to put the hashtag in though. e_e) Yep, your fantasy book counts! Pretty much anything counts as long as you didn't JUST hear about it, and it's pre-2015. It is pretty funny Cait - but what's life without BIG DREAMS?! I'd love to see what you get it down to at the end of the year. Go for it!

  2. Yes I'm signing up for this (I need this in my life!). I'll do the entry post soon but I'm so pumped for this! The trophy part sounds awesome! And it's such an easy challenge too, (which means the lazy part of me is soooo up for this). I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS. (I'm currently in a pile of TBRs so this is looking better by the minute!).

    1. Great! I did hope it would be one of the "easy" challenges, because everyone wants to get rid of their TBR, right?! But it's a dog-chasing-it's-tail kind of goal, because there will ALWAYS be more books to add the to TBR. I took 2 books back to the library today like "YESS!" and ended up leaving with two more e_e The good thing is they were both on my virtual TBR, not brand new. So I feel happy. :3

      I'M EXCITED TOO! My first book of 2015, The Fellowship Of The Ring, I've wanted to read for sooo long, so it counts for TBR Smash, Ashana Lian Fantasy challenge, AND the Trilogies and Series challenge I'm doing, if I can finish Two Towers and Return Of The King this year!!! >.< y e e e e s s s.

  3. I'm going to be participating, since this looks like a lot of fun (and my TBR is HUGE, so I really need the extra motivation)! My sign up post is here:

    1. Hi Bridget, thanks for joining! Your blog has such a pretty header. =D I hope you hit your target this year. (Hey, I know. I'm going to have to stay off Amazon and out of bookshops until the TBR pile is all gone. O_O Who am I kidding?!) I'll probably bump the TBR's we had in common up my list so we can chat about them! Good luck with the challenge.

  4. I was already planning to conquer my tbr so why not join your challenge XD I'm aiming or 40+ books because this pile is getting ridiculous.

    1. Wow, go you! I'm not sure if I can do that many but I'll at least try. =D

      I know what you mean. Sometimes it amazes me the amount of books us bookworms collect. It's crazy. Anywhoo good luck! Thanks for joining, and keep me updated.

  5. Okay. You have me convinced. I'm such a procrastinator, so this is probably good for clearing my TBR. (Plus, so many books from 2014 I have to check out!) But, like I said, procrastinator, so it might take a while for me to actually write up that post, ahaha. Thanks for hosting this link-up!

    1. Ohhh I excel at procrastinating. When it comes to my TBR, that is. c: (Too true, last year was a good year for books. Or maybe it was the first year I was actually paying attention. O_O )

      That's fineee, you can tweet that you're taking part and link to the tweet. Or you can just write a very short blog post with a list of your first 5 books. Good luck, and glad you'll be joining us!

  6. Totally gonna do this:D Awesome challenge! That's so cool you work at a bookstore:)

    1. Whoo! I'm glad! It'll be fuuuun c: (Oh, I must remember to put in the Goodreads group link too.) Haha, Ironically, I don't any more! Which makes me both sad and relieved. Too many books on my TBR piiile o_O

  7. So doing this :D!!!! Freaking amazing challenge!!!

    1. Thanks! I hope you have fun doing it. I created it because I couldn't find a TBR challenge, but actually in the past fortnight I've seen like, three... hahaha, oh well!

    2. I'm doing two this year. Yours and a TBR Jar challenge :D

    3. Oooh TBR Jar! I'm gonna go and check out what that is.

  8. Replies
    1. Thanks for signing up, will check out your post asap!!


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