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Sunday, 18 January 2015

My Illustrations, Blog Button-Making Secrets... And Would You Like To Meet My Mascot?

Hi from the Ether! This is an artwork post - MY artwork, this time. I know. Please don't choke on your drink with surprise. I AM ACTUALLY GOING TO CHANGE UP THE POSTS THIS YEAR.

New blog header: Ashana (left) and macot Jade Rose. Image credit: mine, for once (LOL.)

My Illustrations

I've been drawing vigilantly these past few months, because I'm aiming towards a career in fantasy illustration alongside writing fantasy novels. Unfortunately I don't know enough about the industry to even know precisely what job role I want, so I'm in for sitting in front of Google either until I find the answer or until my eyes fall out. O_O

Remember that header I promised?

Well, it's right above ^, and it's coming along! I got SERIOUSLY stuck because I still haven't got the right pencils for the skin tones. I'm hoping to get Derwent Skin Tone pencils, but I know that better artists than me have made do without. So for now I'll wing it with my WHSmith Sketching and Drawing Starter Set (below) and just hope I don't f*** up the best thing I've drawn since I was like 15.

Also, I learnt the hard way that drawing with a HB pencil will probably leave you with a smudged piece, which is why I also bought a 4H Staedtler pencil. It doesn't smudge, but it leaves a very light mark. So FINALLY, after years and years of wondering what 'HB' means on a pencil, I finally know.

----- H - hardness (lead is harder. Doesn't smudge and leaves light marks.)
----- HB - right in the middle.
----- B - blackness (lead is softer, so smudges better and leaves dark marks.)

I'm linking elbows with Tabitha's Art It Up! linkup on Not Yet Read today! It encourages bloggers to share their art! I'm going to try and join in every time because my DeviantArt is still pitifully empty and bare. =(

Ironically I did do a five-minute sketch a few days before that post of my mascot Jade Rose - I wish I remembered to colour in her iconically pink hair! Oh well. This sketch was weird because Jade Rose is not a character associated with fire or the defiance it represents. I liked the contrast, but you can only appreciate it if you know beforehand that Jade is actually an optimistic, playful and good-natured girl.

(Heh heh... I coloured in her hair on Paint. Despite the shoddyness of my workmanship, just the fact that her hair is pink in a black and white sketch is PURRFECT.)

Blog Button Making Secrets

1. Get image. 2. Recolor purple.3. Paste original image over it and make a circle.4. Use Holgaart image effect in befunky.5. Adjust hue. 6. Adjust color mixer.7. Add text. 8. Voila!
When I was searching for Graphic Design, Artworker, Illustrator and Concept Artist jobs, I quickly realised that almost all these roles need advanced knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite. For those who don't know, that includes Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

Ever since I started making cast cards on fanfic forums a decade ago, I've used Microsoft Word and Paint to muck about with. I still do - I find the challenge really fun to set my mind to. After discovering Befunky, which is a little goldmine that I just adore, I've upgraded my basic Microsoft shapes from this:


Would You Like To Meet My Mascot?

OF COURSE YOU WOULD!! (and she is very pleased to meet you.)

Jade Rose, created on anime avatar makers, The Sims 2, and other dress up games! These were all made when she was created, to provide many different versions of her possible appearance. the one I ended up going with is the one I drew.

JR is an original character I created for a fashion blog I used to run, but now I think she is much better as a fantasy hero, DON'T YOU THINK?!?!!

- Protector of the Tear Star. Woot!
- Is she 14 or 15? I forget.
- Excitable, prone to fangirling and very very happy individual.
- Can be naive, scatterbrained, and generally annoying. e_e
- Charged with solving other people's problems.
- I wanted her to be an architect at first... now I'm reconsidering.
- Her best friend is Katie Sprite, who is often moody, sarcastic, and pessimistic.
- May possibly be the protag for a children's book I'm whipping up. =D
- ... I have ALWAYS LOVED pink hair, by the way.

Ashana Lian .

Do you like drawing or doing anything artsy?! I would love to know! (And if you have a blog, I'd love to see them too. c: )

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  1. Very cool drawings. I hope you're able to get those skin tone pencils!

    1. Thanks Tabitha. I find figure-drawing a challenge so that's what I'm practising at the moment. If I refrain from book-buying, I might actually be able to get those pencils!

  2. These are all so gorgeous! Your mascot is awesome (pink hair IS brilliant isn't it?). Thanks for the guide on blog buttons too (veeeerryyyy helpful!).

    1. Thanks Mawa! Glad it was useful. I often don't leave myself a lot of time, so I hurriedly mess around on Befunky until I accidentally make a bad graphic good. XD

  3. Love seeing your artwork. That new header is going to look amazing. I like drawing, but I have very few artistic talents, so it never turns out looking like anything recognizable, so I don't generally share anything I draw. It's so interesting seeing other people's art though. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us.

    1. I hope so! I'm getting a bit disheartened that it's taking so long but NEVER FEAR! ._. I'll figure out a solution soon. I might have to find those skin-colour pencils after all. o_O

      Thank you. It's really nerve-wrecking to share my rubbishy doodles with the world but I keep thinking - if I keep drawing and continue to get better, I can see how much I improved. c:


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