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Thursday, 1 January 2015

Goals for 2015

What a coincidence! The first day of 2015 is Thursday, this blog's post day. Happy New Year!

I hope you like the new design. Very soon, I will post about how I created the header, as I'm pretty sure - as I can't actually draw for cake - that it's the best piece of illustration I have ever done. I wasn't sure about doing Ashana ("me") and Jade Rose in the ame illustration, but I couldn't help it. :3

Writing Wishlist
A list of novels I've always wanted to write! (Inspired by the Writing Wishlist post at Diary Of A Teen Writer.)

1. An epic fantasy wherein:
ancient objects with curious powers end up in the possession of a king who can't die. This novel is called Quest. I created it so long ago, and it need to be written. My heart aches thinking about it!

2. A fantasy thriller based on a dream I had:
wherein I'm trapped in a compound with eight other people, with no memory of how I got there, and a very special keycard that opened up secret rooms in the compound that'll hide me from guards trying to kill me. Working title is Keycard Seven, because I cba. I am always having the craziest dreams. Sometimes they're awesome fantasy dreams, sometimes they're terrifying sci-fi or horror nightmares. I want to turn them ALL into novels.

3. A steampunk novel with dragons.
Which no doubt has been done before. But something about my protagonist, Ashby McNamara, really sticks with me and makes me eager to write about her and her mysterious family. Her father is essentially a mad scientist and creates a lot of things that explode, and he's also not actually her father. Her mother works for the Dalo government but she used to be a vigilante, and if ever her past came to light she'd be in prison for life. Her brother Cody is the most optimistic, loving and caring brother ever - although he was born as a sweet baby girl called Cora. Working title See What They Can Do.

Her best friend, Ysa, was inspired by the art called Elegant Dragon by Anne Stokes.

4. A superhero romance.
Romances, for the most part, piss me off. Which is a shame, because I'm romantic at heart. The best romances are in books that don't solely consist of the romance. Therefore - after I watched JLA: War, I was inspired for Supe'd Up, which follows the tale of 14 year-old Dewey and Whitney as superheros become known in the world, and the 'villain' of the story is already dead, and yet still causing havoc beyond the grave. I hope that somewhere in the world, somebody will love it.

5. A science fantasy wherein:
100 children come to earth to be the adoptive children of adults who could protect them until they find the 'Eternal Mother'. However the Eternal Mother is lost, as she landed on Earth two million years previously and feel into a deep slumber so that she wouldn't be found. Soon, the extraterrestrial predator they were trying to escape lands on Earth, and the adoptive parents, compelled to protect their children, find themselves wielding strange magic... O_O Called 100, again because I cba.

6. The most epic of all supernatural bitch-fights.
I am biased towards girls, because I am one. Boys are cool, but girls are awesome. Which is why a few month ago, I started working on an idea called Miss Moon, Miss Lane (check out the Pinterest board), about two teachers at a boarding school engaged in a feud that has existed since they were at school, where one tries to get the upper hand over the other. This feud is destructive to everybody who has anything to do with them, and their Titans (their posse) often carry out the damage and clean up the mess after. This idea is a spin off to my other story called Nine or Ten of Hearts. I was inspired by this post to draw inspiration from fictional women in geek culture who are awesome instead of creating a cast from scratch as I normally do. It's gonna be fun.

7. A dark fantasy wherein:
A girl who used magic in the last days of her life finds herself tied to the realm of the living (as a ghost) until she has 'repaid' all of the magic used. Dunno how or if this is gonna be interesting, but I wanna write it anyway.

8. Villains.
As in, the antagonists being the protagonists. It has a Watchmen kind of feel, but what I've created so far is so horrifically dark. Most of them went through awful, harrowing experiences before they joined the league. Called Villainy.

9. A children's novel.
My writing has gone so far into the dark depths of my mind that I worry sometimes if I'll ever be able to write a light-hearted tale again, without somebody dying or going on a killing spree (It's not what it sounds like. (Okay it kind of is.)) The children's novel in mind will star Jade Rose, a teenage architect who endeavors to solve everybody's problems. And then there will be a cartoon spin-off. =D

10. A Time Travel novel!! This was an idea I thought of today.
A woman accidentally saves the life of an alien life form that for some reason decides the best way to reward such a thing is to grant her a window twenty years into the future. On the other side, she discovers that not only is she already dead from an awful accident, but the three year old son she left behind is now twenty-three, he most influential leader in the whole world, and an incredibly vengeful man who rules through fear instead of loyalty. Before she can escape, she is spotted by her son, who is so overcome with joy and grief that he closes the window and forces her to remain in his time. She is torn by the urge to get home, and the realisation that the longer she stays with her son, the more he becomes the hopeful, light-hearted boy she left behind.


But I can't because it's like the fiftieth novel in the queue of Novels To Be Written. See why I need to write faster? Maybe this list was a bad idea. I'm just getting really angsty!

Writing Goals

1. Write EVERY DAY. 2000 words. EVERY DAY.
2. Finish one book a year. Writing the same book for over a year means I am not working hard enough.
3. Practice writing short stories again.
Reading Goals
This section was inspired by the Reading Through The Classics post at Butterflies Of The Imagination blog.

1. Read 52 books: one book a week. I go back to university in September, so after that it'll be textbooks, plays and classics - unless I can somehow complete the challenge sooner!
2. CHALLENGE: Finish 5 (whole) series in 2015.
3. CHALLENGE: reduce my TBR by... (well I was going to say 10%, but that would be 70 books!!!) 20 books. Because my reading goal is 52 books anyway.

Blogging Goals

1. Blog twice a week, every week.
2. Clean up the empty/dead/forgotten posts!! How embarrassingly unprofessional =/
3. BLOG. AHEAD. Write at least one post scheduled for a Thursday of next month.

This year, there was a Blog Ahead challenge by Herding Cats & Burning Soup blog, which was the blogging version of NaNoWriMo. In November you would write a blog post every day and pre-schedule them for December, so you wouldn't have to blog during one of the busiest months of the year. I missed it this time, but it was a fantastic idea.

Personal Goals

1. Exercise every day, and at the same time. It's getting ridiculous how unfit I am.
2. Less sugar, more natural food.
3. Move out at the end of this month.
4. Get a job in the arts, or volunteer in the arts.
5. Learn to speak Japanese (and French...? maybe?!) fluently by this year. I've been learning for a year already and I can barely say what my name is and where I live. Come on, now!


I used to never bother with goals. I couldn't stick to them for any length of time. But now I realise the importance of making them anyway, to give you direction in life and make you think about improving yourself.

What are your goals for 2015? Let me know in the comments below!

Ashana Lian .


  1. Your novel ideas sound really interesting! I really like #10, I'd be super curious to see how that would turn out, because who knows what sort of things would happen if time didn't restore itself to its proper place? I also love #8, because I am in love with villains and even if it wasn't normally my genre (although, you know, I don't know how you'd turn something like that into erotica, and in fact, I don't even want to know) I'd read the heck out of it. Your goals sound really good as well—remember to enjoy yourself as you complete them all this year! :)

    1. I know, I would be really eager to explore (for #10) what that would mean for that timeline. I feel like it would just cease to exist or something. o_O Haha, I'm sure #8 + erotica would be extremely awkward!! I'll do my best to work on each idea one at a time to get the best out of each one. Thanks Heather, I'll try!!

  2. I really like the steampunk novel with dragons idea. That. Would. Be. Epic. I'm getting back into more modern fantasy all of a sudden, and I really want to write an epic fantasy novel this year, so I'm currently letting some ideas stew in my head. Awesome writing goals. I don't have any daily writing goals because school is a time sucker and daily writing goals never work out for me, but I want to finish drafting and editing three WIPs this year. I'll at least finish the second drafts of all the WIPs but I want to take one of the WIPs and really get it into awesome shape. I'm also working more on short stories, too. As for reading goals, I'm so honored that you were inspired by my post. Yay! I hope to read 100 books this year, but I don't know how that will go. I also hope to schedule more of my posts, and so far I have about 9 posts scheduled for this month, so I'd say I'm getting off on the right foot. Good luck with your goals!

    1. Oooooh yay! the steampunk one has been on my mind quite a bit. My goal this year would've been to read more steampunk to get into the zone, but I have so many other goals, especially with the reading challenges I'm hosting and taking part in (Join in! It'll be fun!). Hopefully next year.

      That's interesting. School was when I had the MOST time. Since I left, my mind had been so filled with other things, like 'how on earth am I going to pay rent?!' and other questions. -_- But I remember as well how much of my time school took, and I get the feeling that kids at school now get handed more work than when I was there (only 6 years ago but still.) I'd also love to finish and edit my WIPs. Sooo much. I guess I'll just have to work harder!

      Scheduled posts are suuuuch a good idea. I'm going to try and get into the habit of it. Thanks so much, and good luck with your WIPs!


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