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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Artwork: Who Illustrated A World Of Ice And Fire?

I'm asking the question everybody is asking. Who was the artist(s) in A World Of Ice and Fire?

THE QUESTION EVERYBODY HAS BEEN ASKING! The breathtaking illustrations are such a huge addition to this encyclopedic book, which was put together by GRRM himself, Elio Garcia and Linda Antonsson. Of course, the other question everybody has been asking is why George R.R. Martin is working on a dozen other books besides the sixth book in the A Song of Ice And Fire (Game Of Thrones series, Wind of Winter)...

Look, I can't blame the guy. GRRM must be making a bundle off of all these GOT/ASOIAF books released a month before Christmas - watch out for my review of his novella The Ice Dragon, you can be sure I bought that straight up -  but every time a new 'filler' comes out my heart sinks a little. I don't want fillers. I want book six. My God. Imagine how many copies that book will sell when it's finally been released? Furthermore...

I've decided - I'm not going to actually read The World of Ice and Fire. The only thing that caught my interest in the first place was the name on the cover and the ab - so - lute - ly  INCREDIBLE illustrations inside. I'm nowhere near as interested about the fine details of Westeros as I am about how the story actually proceeds. I'll only begin reading the companion guides and things when I'm depressed because I know a series has ended for good.

But back to the point. At the back of this book is a long list of all the featured artists. I was pleasantly surprised to discover I knew several of those names already. In fact, Michael Komarck's work was among the first Featured Fantasy Images I had on this blog. Let's get to it.

...this might take a while.

A Song/World Of Ice And Fire Artists

One incredibly useful thing to see is how each artist has their unique style and how they promote their work - for example Michael Gellatly's maps of Westeros. I think those who are interested in fantasy illustration or concept art might find they have a few new artistic idols.

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Have you seen any incredible Game of Thrones art? It's everywhere!

Ashana Lian .
P.S. I just realised you can also find out the illustrators on Wikipedia... oh well. Wasn't it nicer to read on my blog? c:


  1. I couldn't stop flicking through that book at the bookshop, it's so beautiful! Although I did see it and wonder why he was working on that instead of the sixth book, haha! I hope he releases it next year, I think the wait may actually kill some people.

    1. I kept doing that at work as well. I wonder that exact thing all the time. I have no doubt it'll be tough to get all the details down as the books are so complex, but if the sixth book takes this long, then the final seventh book?! I just... I dread to think about it. Thanks for commenting, Charnell!


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