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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Artwork: Fantasy Calendars for 2015

Random Fact
When I put my elbow against the laptop with my hand on my ear, I could hear the machine shaking through my hand, even though vibrations are so small O_O that's it. I just felt weird.

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My eldest sister (let's call her Azure) started buying my fantasy calendars, I think in 2009, and since then I bought one for myself every year. For about three years, I reliably bought the fantasy calendars by Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell. They were so intricate and so wonderfully painted, the anatomy was perfect. But after that I became tired of the highly glamorised style and how the very modern faces clashed with the beautiful archaic rusticness of the setting behind.

^ Alchemy 2011, the one I bought.

So my sister got me a new one - Gothic Alchemy. I must say though, it wasn't really for me. Some months had really nice artwork, but it was dark and not very enchanting. Plus the actual calendar below was in black, so I couldn't even SEE what I wrote. Probably my least favourite. to view and buy prints

The first Anne Stokes calendar I got, I ADORED. I copied my sister Azure and got the same one she did because I loved it so much. It was gothic but not grotesquely so, and for one whole year I was enchanted.

The next year, I immediately fell out of love with that style and the Stokes calendar for that year entirely bored me. So at this point I started to believe that the enchantment only works once. So I resolved to buy a different calendar every year so keep my interest fresh. Problem is, the range of fantasy calendars that don't feature near-naked women (the distasteful kind) or really disturbing fairy-changeling creatures are pretty slim. I'm kinda picky.

I also did a post of Anne Stoke's gorgeous artwork a few months back. (or was it weeks? Can't remember.)

^ Celestial Journeys 2014, which I bought

Celestial Journeys was this year's calendar, which I adored to pieces. It's very spiritual and brings back that childlike awe towards fantasy by including lots of little images hidden in the big one. Every time you look at Josephine Wall's artwork, you spot something new. I loved the style, the colours, and the truly breathtaking art.

And for 2015? I considered getting this year's one again or back to Anne Stokes, but my sister got me a 2015 kitten calendar on my birthday. AW!

Other Calendars

To be 100% honest, there are a lot more calendars I like available on amazon now. Many I've left out of the list below, such as calendars of fairies or illustrated calendars of The Hobbit, simply because there are so many.

This seems to have a paranormal romance feel, the kind of sexy and seductive woman thing. I'm not really into that, but I must say many of the pictures are striking.

This a Gothic 2015, which is more in the realm of dark fantasy. again, not my forte, but I do like some of them. Although the appearance of fairies in this gothic stuff has always confused me.


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Christmas grows nearer and nearer. By not thinking about it, I've been able to sidestep the stress most people have been feeling. I've not yet bought any presents, or decorated the house, or written cards, and it's doing WONDERS for my general happiness. I will get round to it at some point.

Do you buy calendars or fantasy art prints for your wall? If not, what on earth do you deck your walls with?! (*sings* Boooughs oooof hooollyyy, tra-la-la-la-la... la-la-LA-LA!)

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  1. I used to have calendars!! But now...erm, no. I don't have any hooks on my walls anyway and I don't look or remember to turn calendars. I'm totally on the computer. >.> OH BUT THESE ARE SO COOL and they make me regret my calendar-less life. hehe.
    My walls are awfully empty. Except for sticky-notes with things for me to remember stuck to them because my memory is like swiss cheese. -_-

    1. Hahahaheheh. I get what you mean. I like having one place to turn to know what I'm doing for the day, and I don't always turn my laptop on. Plus they're pretty to look at. =] I'm always afraid of forgetting things! So I end up buying a diary as well for my never ending to-do list c: Thanks for commenting!

  2. GAH! PRETTY CALENDARS! I love calendars but I can never find the ones I want...our school was giving out staff-pictured calendars BUT they were the ones I wanted (the ones that have the days in boxes that you can cross off). SO I took the opportunity to buy it and now I'm a very happy lass! ;P

    1. Aw I know. I'm kinda picky with calendars. There's a lot more variety now though! And so many talented artists. =] You mean calendars with pictures OF the staff?!??! That's so straaaange! I would feel SO. WEIRD. if I had a calendar with my teachers on my wall staring at me O_o Or was that not what you meant?! LOLOLrotf.

  3. I used to buy calendars every year and I was so picky when it came to choosing one. I'd look for so long and then regret my decision after a month or two. I love the George R R Martin calendar, so pretty!!!

    1. That sounds like my sister! Well, not always. I also take a looong time looking for calendars, and also now I prefer to buy them myself. The kitten calendar I got as a gift though :3 soo. cuteee. Thanks for commenting!


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