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Thursday, 13 November 2014

10 Things You Should Know About This Blog

It's post day again!!!

These Thursdays come around so fast! What the hell =/ I didn't get to post the NaNo tips I had planned. I was too busy:
  • writing
  • moping
  • (fake) crying
  • watching The Good Wife
  • watching The Boondocks
  • being depressed about my reading slump
  • eating freshly made 14" pizzas from Sainsbury's (cheaper (£4!) and just as tasty as Pizza Hut)
  • shopping for food
  • working 8-hour overtime shifts every other day
  • looking for a job
  • looking for a place to live
  • looking for my clothes (they go missing. my brother takes them by mistake)
  • formatting this blog
  • formatting my life
  • sleeping.

I don't care about ARCS.

I'm aware how BEHIND I am on fantasy books. But for exactly that reason, I want to pick my own books and a range of books at that, to get up to speed on geeky knowledge. My Amazon wish list is laughable. So I buy a lottt of books, at least until I run out of money and have to borrow. Those are the books I review on this blog. I don't have time to be entering a hundred giveaways or competitions or requesting arcs in the hopes of winning one. If i like a book enough, I'll (eventually, some decades into the future) buy it.

So, I don't care about ARCS.

I'm not as lazy as I seem. This is my seventh blog, you know.

Yep, I'm a very busy person. I'm neglecting my other six in favour of this one, because this blog makes me focus on my future career in FANTASY. =D It must be said though, This blog ALONE drains SO much of my energy. Sometimes I don't even get round to posting what I said I would. *sigh*

There this thing, it's called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I have it. It means I feel tired most of the time, regardless of how much or little I sleep. It makes it difficult to put the proper amount of attention into this blog sometimes, even though I try. So I can reread a post I've written, and EVERY SINGLE TIME find a bvrand newe trypo. My posts are RIDDLED with typos. It's aggravating and unprofessional, and I'm sorry dudes. I think I'll start using that software that reads stuff out to you.

Blogging is the only type of social networking I like.

In general, I despise social networking. I've got a Twitter, Goodreads, Deviantart and also a Facebook (see, I don't even know what the link for that is), but I rarely use them. I only made them because I assume, to have any sort of career as a writer, I'll have to. But I don't care about the silly little trivialities of peopleses lives, about how you're making a cup of tea right now or whatever insignificant thing you're currently YOLO-ing. I didn't bother with an Instagram. e_e

Then again, little BOOK RELATED trivialities... now we're talking about something completely different. =] I suppose one can argue that insignificant bullshit is what gives our lives meaning, in a way. O_o Plus, Goodreads and Deviantart ain't so bad. I really like blogs because you can really pour your passion into a blog post. You can't pour your passion into 140 characters.

To each their own, I guess.

Image: google. (zastavski??)


TYPOS EVERYWHERE. Again, I can only apologize.

I will say what I think but I will never intentionally be mean.

When I have to give a book a bad review, I'll feel terrible but I'll be honest, because there's no point in only posting good reviews. ALL reviews on my blog are supposed to be some sort of help or reference to fantasy writers.

There's an article on Parajunkee about how to make your blog very popular, including writing about controversial subjects and taking a book and reviewing it very harshly. If you're trying to get famous, I agree that controversy is the way. Obviously. But this goes against my personal philosophy. First, popular media topics are superficial and time-wasting, and I'd rather be filling my day-to-day experience with meaningful and enriching things.

Second, those who focus on hateful subjects and slamming people and books (especially without cause) are pretty awful human beings as far as I'm concerned, so even though I wish them luck if they go this route to make their blog popular, I'd want nothing to do with such a blog and would personally prefer to blog about what I love in a respectful way, and have a small, loving and loyal group of readers like you guys who actually care (THANK YOU).

I am pretty anal about the layout.

Hate that word, but it's true. My design goal for this blog is as follows: mystical (to be clear its a fantasy blog), but simple (to not make readers confused) and neat (because I abhor messy). Once I've gotten the layout right, I am EXTREMELY reluctant to change anything about it because I am a p e r f e c t i o n i s t.

Image: Google (Wallpaperhi?)

IT'S NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE! Okay, it is - but this blog is actually called A Fantasy Writer's Blog, not Ashana Lian.
Though Ashana Lian will do nicely. I wanted to call it something mystical and amazing like;


But because of a little thing that internet people go crazy about... it's called S E O, (something to do with how easily people can find your website)... it was better to call it AFWB because it would be more likely to come up if somebody typed in 'fantasy blog'.

I don't like having too many labels.

... I jut don't. I don't like "mess".

Image: Google (Wallpaperhdnew?)

This blog won't(/will try its best) not to put a virus on your computer.

I find the most amazing fantasy images in the most bizarre places but often unsure if that site can be trusted. Even the pictures in this post - I've never HEARD of Zastavski or WallpaperHDNew! Because of that, I may credit it as a Google Search and link back to the search result, unless I can find the name of the artist which I'd always prefer. As for when I do put the link... well, it means I've already been on the site and my laptop is fine. Still... at your own risk. e_e

Post days are on THURSDAY.

Interestingly, a lot of things happen in the blogosphere on Thursday; one is Films For Thoughts On A Thursday hosted by Charnell @ Reviews From A Bookworm, Thoughtful Thursday by Pamela @ Reading Is Fun Again, and Thursday Thoughts by Ashley at OK, Let's Read. All of those are blog link-ups that any blogger is welcome to join.

My blog posts are, if I can help it, every Thursday. When I have lots of upcoming posts, I'll post every other day including Thursday. Other important days:

  • secondary post day - TUESDAY
  • weekly Fiction Friday - WEDNESDAY (joke, it's on Friday.)
  • Author's Notes for the just-gone Fiction Friday - following SUNDAY
  • Book Review day - end of the week, aka SATURDAY.

Image: Google (wall.alphacoders?)

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For more random posts about my poopy life: A Fantasy Writer's Mundane Life.

Do you have any nitpicky things that you MUST do or REFUSE to do on your blog? Dooooo shaaaaaaaaare! Until next time, peaceee.

Ashana Lian .


    Secondly (heh, I'm making a list too! I LOVE LISTS!): I absolutely love your blog. I love your variety. I love your style. So, yes. AND HUZZAH.
    Thirdly: Refuse to do on my blog? Hmm...I'm not really a fan of cover reveals or blog tours, although I do participate in blog tours if a publisher asks me too and it's an author I love. I don't like filler posts like Waiting on Wednesdays.
    Heeey, I don't use a lot of tags either! I tag everything as either "book review" or "books" or "writing". Hehe.

  2. Thanks! I got it aaages ago, years ago, from Sports Direct when marvel hoodies were really hard to find. But now it's starting to go and I want another, SD aren't doing them anymoree =( But with the Avengers being so popular now I'm sure there are others to be had... I just care nothing about Thor, Iron Man, Captain America or the Hulk. Literally only Spiderman (sometimes) and Wolverine, hehe.

    Yayyy I'm so glad! That's more than good enough for me. I shall continue to fill my blog with awesomeness ._. I wouldn't bother with a cover reveal either unless they were awesome like the Game Of Thrones ones c: Book tours seem cool but I never really 'get' how they work. (I love lists too. I'm gonna get the Listography Journal from Amazon and make a list of my life O_O) Ah yeah, I'm cutting down on tags. MAN it's tricky!

  3. I'm back! Well, I'm almost back. I'll be posting from Monday, but I've really missed visiting blogs. I'm excited that I actually have more than one post of yours to catch up on. I love your blog, you offer so much on here. You give me a fiction fix and make me hate you a little, hurry up and publish a novel so I can buy that already. I need one of your books in my life. I love your reviews because you're always honest, you're never mean but you don't hold back on your opinion. I'm very much like that, so I appreciate it when other bloggers are too.

    I'm with Cait. I'm not really a fan of cover reveals or where you just post something a tour site has sent you. I prefer to read posts written by the blogger. So I steer clear of cover reveals and blitz posts.

    1. You're baaack! =D I've missed your reviews! I checked your blog a lil' while back like *gasp* 'Where's she GONE?!' D=

      Aw me too - when I take a (usually unplanned and spontaneous) break from blogging I suddenly get blogsick like "I wonder what everybody else up to?? Must log on now." WOOT WOOT *dancing* That's really cheered me up, thanks for your support! *opens document, writes faster* Yeeeeahhhh, I come across cover reveals and blog tours every so often, and they only catch my interest for a moment. =/


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