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Monday, 13 October 2014

Author's Notes on [The Paradox Of Flying]

I got stuck before I wrote this. I've been stuck in my novel for such a while, it took a little while to fall back to when I was turning out a new concept every day. (Secondary school. Loads of time.)
The image above is the same one I used for 2014's Fantasy Challenge. So it wasn't a far stretch to consider using it for this weeks short story.
TYPOS! So embarrassing, so hilarious.

  • 'Hartney'
  • 'Next thing we knew, we were all standing in front of Professor Leon' - Um, no. That was meant to be Prof. JET, because it would be his concern to deal with rebel students in his division. No idea why I typed Leon. Maybe because he was my favourite.
  • 'until I laterally had to strip' - LMFAO! What?!! *literally!!
  • 'You will no doubt be in pain, but this will pain.' - Oh God. That was meant to be *fade.
  • 'aviation' and 'Aviation' - couldn't make my mind up about capitalisation.
  • ' “You don’t look evil.” Roxy said challengingly.' - WHO THE HELL IS ROXY?! (That was Jayda's name before I culture-bent her from Caucasian goth to Caribbean nerd. But no word-space for unnecessary descriptions so you wouldn't really know either way.)

Inspiration for Anne engineering her wings came from - that steampunk image from my post of Anne Stokes fantasy art.

The Aviator - Anne Stokes

Oh, and this. Steampunk Angel Poster - Anne Stokes
It was a LOT easier to curb my word limit than last week's King Of Dreams fic. (Still double the word count though.)
Forgot to mention the vapourised wall/books again. I'm sure that would've had repercussions like - the library being cold, Anne noticing shelf x and x+1 was missing, and so on. But oh well.
I named her after Anne Neville from The Kingmaker's Daughter, even though her appearance in the picture is more like Elizabeth Woodville. (I didn't want to name her Elizabeth.) I always love my heroines - it's a bit of a challenge to write about them if I don't - but I was surprised how much I adored Anne. And Anne's not a saint, she's tricky! Watch that!
I REALLY got into this idea. I wanted to go the whole hog and make up all the divisions and everything but had to reign myself back in. NOVEL FIRST. Then the 75 stories I began writing between 2006 and now - THEN the barely formulated idea I thought up last week. c:

Ashana Lian .

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