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Sunday, 5 October 2014

Author's Notes on [King Of Dreams]

Inspired by this image;
The Measure Of All Things, by Anndr Kusuriuri
Oh boy, this was HARDDD. And it turned out to be a long one too - 2000 words when I first checked, then I reached my 3000 word limit. Before I knew it I was pushing 5000 words. I really couldn't figure out any logical way to cut it down while keeping the story intact. After three edits, that became 6000 words. Oh well.
This Friday, I was meant to post a different piece called Recover The Fairy but the ending wouldn't sit right. I didn't want to share until I'd figured it out so I jumped on the inspiration I had for this picture, called The Measure Of All Things. I weaved it together with inspiration from two other images and viola. A story.
I kinda ran away with the drow idea. I understand that 'drow' and 'dungeons and dragons' go hand in hand but that's about it. I wanted to explore the idea of whether a dark elf would be evil by nature or nature, or if they had to be 'evil' at all, but I didn't really have the time in this story. I'm not sure if I liked my final concept of this fantasy creature or not.
One thing that bugged me hugely was how much the lexis kept changing. I could hear his voice but I just couldn't get the narrative quite right. One minute it's archaic and the next, colloquial. I can't, I just CAN'T stop cringing at my own work. I thought I'd figured out my style but I guess not.
URGH I HATE SHORT STORIES! There's so much I want to explain but I just can't. Like how the town behind the castle is safe but the Andles army have the castle "surrounded". About the Seer people. About precisely how he leaves the castle at the end. Drawing the line was really difficult.
The queen was SUCH a weird character. I couldn't really "see" her.

Image: Unconquered Castle by Anndr Kusuriuri

This plot came to me in a snapshot, which is unusual for me for short stories. I knew the beginning, middle and end at once, but then I had to write it and make it logical. But then the story twisted and turned in ways I'm not sure I liked.
For example, I didn't actually want the king to die, I DON'T KNOW why my mind puked that up. If it was premeditated, it makes Asher creepy and just really vengeful; but killing the king in a fit of rage would take away the collectedness of Asher's character. But for some reason, leaving the king alive and/or unharmed at the end of the story didn't feel right to me once I'd figured out the nature of his betrayal. I didn't believe that Asher would leave without being like "Nyyyahhh."
Writing the drow wasn't as fun as I expected her to be. Once I'd figured out her motives, she stopped being mysterious and started being boring.
Boy. He was my favourite character! It would've been cool if he lived but not killing him off ould have been weird for the purposes of the story.
The secret corridor was so dumb, but the thought of removing it from the story actually made my head hurt.

Drow Portrait by Carrie Best

Phew. That was a toughie. Well, until next time. Hey, NaNoWriMo in a month.

Ashana Lian .

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