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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Author's Notes on [Imaginary Fiends]

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Image: Flower Fairy -
Secret Agent -

Huey Freeman: What do you want with me?
The White Shadow: It's complicated, Huey. Uh... (pause.) I'm a secret agent sent to spy on you. (Pause. Grin.) Mmkay. Maybe it's not that complicated.
Huey: Do spies normally introduce themselves to people they spy on? What spy school did you go to?
Shadow: Eh. I'm too old to be sneaking around.
Huey: What if I tell someone right now?
Shadow: You tried that earlier, in the kitchen, remember? By the way, I wasn't really in the bathroom taking a dump, but, maaan. (laughs) Oh, that brother of yours is a hoot. And your grandfather? (quoting Huey) 'Those two need their own sitcom.'
Huey: (offended) Leave me alone.
Shadow: Look. Just because my job is to watch your every move and eavesdrop on every telephone call and monitor your every e-mail, doesn't mean we can't be friends..." 
The Boondocks Season 1 Episode 8 - The Real.
The idea for this short story came from the satirical comedy adult cartoon The Boondocks. The main character Huey Freeman is being stalked by an secret services agent who mostly patronises him, but often gives warnings or important information. It's never discovered whether the agent was really there or just in Huey's head.
It took me a while to get into writing this. The children were tricky to get right and their story didn't seem complete without an adult's point of view as well. But once I finished writing, I quite liked it. =]
In the future, I'd like to come back to this concept. I wrote a short story that had similar undertones - teens with phantom bodyguards - but I never finished it. I think I'll make it into a novella one day.

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