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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Author Notes on [Primadonna]

Click here to read the short story.

Image: Converse In The Rain b+w by JenniLaSuper
I hated this story.
Meg went from being quirky and assertive, to being an aggressive and spiteful, to being vulnerable and frantic, and finally to being... I don't even know what she is now. What started as an interesting character soon became a character I despised, which is why it was so hard to write this in the end.
The original idea, as always, was much more complex. It was about the eventual bond between Meg and the Glory League. But after I titled it Primadonna, things went pear-shaped. It became about Meg and about the emotional deficiencies she suffered by her mother's supernatural mollycoddling. Then all of a sudden, it became a revenge story against stupid Frankie! Urgh, I'm just, urgh. The disappointment.
... I don't even want to write any more notes. We've all established that this short story was awful and lacking. Let's move on.

SOOO, next week's Fiction Friday!!

Ashana Lian .

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  1. I can't click to see the short story! It won't work :( I'm sorry the story didn't work out for you in the end and you didn't like it. I haven't tried writing in so long, I forget what it's like to have a character take over the story and take it somewhere you never intended.


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