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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Artwork: Isaiah Stephens' Halloween Costumes For Disney Princesses

I don't celebrate Halloween, but I've gotta admit, artwork like this makes wiccan/pagan holidays pretty damn cool. It's amazing artwork and the concept itself is such a fun idea. In a way it's inspired me to play around with the characters of yet another novel I thought of called Moon vs Lane (or Miss Moon, Miss Lane). It made me remember how many awesome female characters there are in fantasy.

So, Isaiah Stephens is awesome.

I originally found this artist from an article on The Mary Sue when they posted it for Halloween LAST year. Oh well.

And also... just because I really wanted to:

For more, visit Isaiah Stephens' Deviantart or Tumblr(And you really should, there's one of JAFAR as MICHAEL JACKSON O_O )
The Dragon Ladies image was by Mariana Moreno. For more, visit her Deviantart.

Ashana Lian .


  1. THAT IS SO AMAZING. It makes me really really wish I could do art...or digital art...OR ANY ART. Okay, well, I do zentangle, but I kind of think that's cheating sometimes because it's basically just doodling patterns. x) This artist is so totally talented, I'm jealous. ;-)

    1. I know. Me too! I want to practice drawing even more diligently and take more classes. Fantasy art is the best. c:
      That's so interesting - I like doodling patterns too. I can't do anything as complex as a zentangle!!!! But if I practiced art as much as I practiced writing, I'd improve a lot faster. But maybe I should stick to one thing at a time for now. :3 Thanks for commenting!

  2. THANK YOU! HAHA! This has actually made my day. It's some of my favourite Disney characters dressed up of some of my other favourite female characters. What more could I want?!?! Tinkerbell and Belle are probably my favourite of the lot, great costume choices!


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