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Saturday, 18 October 2014

75 Unfinished Novels (and other Explorative Fiction)

Yeah, 75.

Why so many? I was young with loads of time, and even though I gave up every other hobby I had, I never gave this up.

Inspiration attacked from every corner and wouldn't leave me alone. I don't like to talk about it because its like Great Taboo among writers, especially those who struggle to think of one idea. I'd give my ideas away for free, all anybody would have to do is ask; I couldn't write them all in ten lifetimes.

Everything in the above image is my Old Generation work, which is everything I wrote before I was 19. They are called Starlit. Most of them belong in a virtual black hole. My most prized work in this folder is The Urban Piper which is precious, nostalgic, glorious, and hopelessly mundane.

The novels written after (only 5 so far) are called the Shanon, and are in a different folder. They have a different tone and were created after I assumed the Ashana Lian ego. The first of the Shanon was OOTD, sometimes called Karalan's Legacy, and is the tale closest to my heart along with TUP.

So, there you have it.

Ashana Lian .


  1. WOW! 75 is a lot. Do you ever think about going back and working on some of them again?

    1. ...... nnnnnnnooooo.


      LOL I'm joking!! XD All the timeeee. It's tricky because I always get new ideas and want to write about those instead, so the list keep growing. My forum family had particular favourites - Divas Vixens Thugettes, Juliets, Because Kandi Said So (oh God, cringe), Born Into The House Of Sin (oh that was a good one! About Incubus'ses. =D ) and Battlegame Forfeit (Battle Royale rip off but flashier). I think about doing those again.

      My personal favourites were The Urban Piper and Divas, Vixens, Thugettes, Juliets. Those are burning rewrite urges. The rest, I would rip the raw idea away, start again and everything else goes in the bin.

  2. YOU ARE AN IDEAS MACHINE! I actually feel really happy about this, because I have sooo many ideas too and I kind of have to hide them all because it seems unnatural to have so many. >_< Like this year alone I've thought up 20 books I want to write. YIKES. I do not have time. I don't have the brain power. I don't even think I can write all the ideas I have...just not yet. Like I need to be more skilled at writing before I could hope to do them justice?? That's how I feel basically. xD But it is SO awesome that we have all these ideas, right? They're there for when we want them. x)

    1. WHOO! Now I have a Super-Inspired buddy! =D

      LOL at the hiding them. I know what you mean - at the moment I'm channeling all those ideas into short stories that I can put aside and come back to later. Oh yeah, time is an issue for me as well. I'm struggling to work, eat and sleep, and then write AND blog AND comment on my favourite blogs AND THEN do everything else too. e_e I feel that too sometimes, but ironically the one thing we need to do to get better is practise! You could write the lesser ideas for practice and then at some point write your prized ideas properly.

      In fact, that's kinda why I don't get rid of my old stuff. Oh they're awful, but they remind me how far I've come and that all of them were stepping stones. =D


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