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Monday, 1 September 2014

JULY RECAP: Summer '14 Fantasy Reading Challenge

I deeply apologize for the huge delay with my unposted and published-but-unfinished posts. Explanation will be given in my Friday post. Thanks for reading.

Half A King: ***** (disqualified)
Young-Adult Fantasy
Verdict: 'Sometimes, the decision to write YA fantasy as opposed to adult fantasy removes the depth required to make fantasy telling come to life, with all its intricacy and wonder. Not so with this book. Half A King told a fresh and exciting story and did so without the fluff and falafel of extra embroidery. [...] I loved this story to pieces.'

Click Here to read the review


The Name Of The Wind: *****
Epic Fantasy

Click Here to read the review

The Painted Man: *****
Dark/High Fantasy

Click Here to read the review

I read so many  incredible books in July. (So many = three -> still more than what was the norm the past spring!) Once again, to see the rules and conditions of this self-imposed challenge, visit the Summer 2014 Fantasy Reading Challenge post.

What fantasy book(s) have you read this month?


Ashana Lian .

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