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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Fantasy Book SUPER HAUL!

Scroll to the bottom to see close ups of each pile.

This post was due about three weeks ago and I began formatting it before that... sorry.

I can't exactly remember how, but I stumbled upon an eBay shop that sold large bundles of second-hand books, some of those bundles being pure fantasy and some fantasy and sci-fi. When buying books, I don't usually go for second-hand as I like to keep my books pristine from the very start. In this case, I was sorely tempted and eventually gave in.


When I sat beside it, the box almost came up to my armpit. That's how big it was!
After some consideration about how to store them, I went for the tuck-them-away-in-bags option. I have two under my bed, three down the side (end) of my bed, and one behind my bedroom door. Neat.

I first saw a set of 57 for £10, then another set of 28 for £15, so I ordered them all with combined postage and received all whopping 85 books in an enormous box. There was a mix of old and new(ish), mainly titles I've never seen before. I hope there are a lot of fantasy classics because I wanted to familiarise myself with older fantasy literature.

Earlier this summer, I managed to get my hands on a Terry Pratchett set, so I'm really looking forward to finally getting stuck into Discworld.

My book collection has swelled massively, which excites and worries me at the same time. Now it appears I won't be returning to university until I've got myself together, at least I won't be having to read university books this year, though it's not like I'll finish reading all of the fantasy books in a year either! I have enough books to last me the next few years. I mean that. How long would it take YOU to get through 90+ books?! O_O

Lately I've felt really discouraged and exhausted so I've stopped reading. It's a good thing the reading challenge is over. It's also a good thing I didn't get that Robert Jordan book set I was gonna buy. Those books. Are huge.

I guess the best thing to do is not think about it, and I'm going to drop my reading targets. They were fun at first; now they're stressing me out. Oh, and I must STOP BUYING BOOKS. I already have two dozen other books in my room I haven't 'got round to' yet, not including the ones I picked up from fantasy author events.

*sigh.* New fantasy books will be published all the time and I'll want to read those too. In my haste to pick up the pace with reading, my novel writing has fallen behind and I heavily resent myself for it right now. So my goal is to write more, save up my funds again, and rediscover my love of reading because I've just no idea where it's disappeared to.

Ashana Lian .

P.S. Here are close ups of the fantasy book bundle;


  1. WOW! Those book bundles are not only really amazing, but really cheap! I am so glad I haven't come across something like that... I wouldn't be able to stop buying them! At least I am not the only one who buys way more books than I could possibly read, unless I just read constantly for a year. We will get to them all... someday!

    1. I know, I know I knowww >.< And I will get round to reading them, I do see it happening. First I just need to STOP. BUYING. Despite what I said, I kindaaa bought 4 Sarah J. Maas books... this is a bad excuse, but it was on a really good deal. O_O and like you said before, I REGRET NOTHING!!!
      Thanks for commenting!

  2. THIS IS AMAZING! I am seriously just awed at this point at the sheer awesomeness of these photos. *picks jaw off the floor* Confession: I don't read a lot of fantasy. I really want to change that because it's always been a big favourite of mine, but I get lazy-brain and don't feel like deciphering rich other worlds. I end up reading stacks of contemporary because it's easy. ;) BUT I WANT TO CHANGE THAT! I love diving into another world! I want to try Terry Pratchett's books for sure. I loved Good Omens. ;)
    Such an awesome deal you got here! I hope you get a chance to read them all, lol!
    Thanks for stopping by @ Notebook Sisters!

    1. Hi Cait! Yeah, I know, it gets a bit insane =/
      Aww you should get back into reading fantasy! But I know what you mean - every so often I really don't feel like reading these hefty books with complicated language, I just want something light-hearted. But there are smaller (and relatively easier) but just as engaging fantasy novels like A Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by N.K. Jemisin. Just finished reading that and it's greeeat.

      Oooh yeah! I read The Colour Of Magic years ago and knew I'd be coming back to Terry Pratchett. Eventually. :3 Thanks for your comment!


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