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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Fantasy Art: Anne Stokes And Her Dragons

Dragon GalleryWater Dragon


HELL-OOOO!!! First and foremost, THANK YOU to everybody who has been supporting me. It means so much and makes me want to try even harder to give you guys good stuff to read! Before I begin the actual post, here's a quick update.

> Writing: I have been writing a LOTT of my novel, which is great because now I feel less guilty about blogging.

> Depression: managing it. I've started taking an illustration class now to help combat the stress and I'm really enjoying it. I'll find something I drew that I'm not ashamed of and post it on my Deviantart :3

> Upcoming Posts: Because of the Fantasy Reading Challenge 2014, there's a lot more posts about books than anything else on this blog at the moment. Now I'm going to pay attention to fantasy in other forms, and this week it'll be fantasy art (I'm still reading books but I'll post about them later). Next week I'll probably get round to doing a tag and an award I've received, and after that, manga.

> Guess What?: Remember Fiction Friday? Well, I'm taking up the mantle again. I'll be focussing on One-Shots and Short Stories, also possibly parts of my novel. It will be Fantasy only, at least for now.

Dragon Gallery: Elegant Dragon

Anne Stokes And Her Dragons

I have seen the work of Anne Stokes all over the internet, both credited and uncredited. I've spotted her on websites and on those twitter cover sites, and I've become so familiar with her work that sometimes I automatically think 'That's Anne Stokes.' without being able to properly explain what it is about her style that's so distinctive.

Then of course there's the dragons. Who doesn't love DRAGONS?! :)

I first heard about Anne Stokes when my eldest sister got her calendar a year or two ago, and I got one the year after. Her images are majestic, gothic, colourful, and best of all imaginative! In that calendar, Water Dragon (at the top) was the pull out poster in the centre and it's still on my wall, I love it to this day. The more I look at it the more meaning I pull out of it and the more little details I spot. But it's my favourite piece by Anne Stokes because A), the image intensifies the bond between the woman/enchantress/priestess/magess and the dragon (probably unlikely, it's a cold-blooded reptilian predator), and B) I love the irony of it being a water dragon, as dragons are usually associated with fire.

The other one close to my heart is Elegant Dragon, because it's an incredibly elegant image and also the dragon is PINK! Every time I see that piece, I'm inspired to write this story I've had in my head for a little while, but I'm making myself wait. I get so easily distracted!

There are five galleries on Anne Stokes' website;  Gothic, Dragons, Fae, Steampunk and Tribal. Without further delay, here's some of my favourites from each. By the way - the girl in Secret Garden was what I always imagined Sansa Stark (GOT/ASOIAF) would look like.

Friends Forever

Secret Garden

Scarlet Mage

Prayer For The Fallen

Summon The Reaper

Spirit Guide

Midnight Messenger

Oak King

Snow Fairy

Yin Yang Protector

Steampunk Angel Poster

The Avenger

The Aviator

To find out more, visit Anne's Stoke' website.

Ashana Lian .


  1. She's really talented. I absolutely love the Midnight Messenger, that's my favourite of all of them.

    1. That's one of my favourites too. I would love to be able to draw like that. I'd have to practise a lot though, and I barely manage to do my 1 hour novel writing a day! Thanks for commenting :)


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