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Friday, 5 September 2014

Event: George and Robin

With all the drama and hype surrounding the then-upcoming August events, I totally forgot about this blog's anniversary. Sooo... happy blogoversary, AFWB!

Images: Harper Voyager

I did take pictures but they were really shit, so...

Despite my anticipation of this event, I personally felt that it was not worth my evening, really. On the one hand it was exciting to be there in person and be part of the atmosphere. Even though I have only read George so far, both authors had such interesting things to say and they were both very funny. On the other hand - and this isn't solely about the event - I didn't really enjoy myself. Where I was sat was okay, but I would've had a better view watching at home on Blinkbox, and I also would've been in the comfort of my own home. Because it was court-style seating, everybody had to look either left or right. I had to look right, but there was this little game going on because if the guy right up near the front leaned back, the person behind him had to lean to the left, so the person behind him had to lean further left, and the lady behind HIM had to lean to the right... rippling down to me, who was sitting there thinking... 'this is just f***ing straining my neck.'

Like I said, it wasn't all down to the event; I was also feeling unhappy because of something else which no doubt marred my experience, but I also think that it point blank just wasn't a great experience. I don't know why I feel this way. I know there are others who really enjoyed it.

I remember one time, I logged onto Youtube and saw HP was streaming an Ellie Goulding concert live. Now just the news of that had me outraged because I would have loved to see Ellie Goulding live (I did eventually) but still, sitting in my room and hearing the live music was pretty aweeesome. Some of the songs performed from Halycon Days sounded better live in fact; I went to iTunes store after and was sorely disappointed by one or two. But then music often sounds better live, doesn't it?

Anyway. There a post about this event on the Harper Voyager website which recaps the entire conversation (... yes really), and another one on Fantasy Faction which also has the full video (- !!) so there you go - you just saved £45.

So, I guess what I learned from this experience is... sometimes, it's better to be lazy.

Both images from Harper Voyager

A final note on the above... I feel quite bad because I went to this after I bought ALL THOSE BOOKS (Super Haul post is coming soon.) so even though the Robin Hobb book (Fool's Assassin), was free, which is always awesome, I didn't feel excited about it because it was just another book on my massive reading pile. Actually it made me feel a bit more depressed. And I felt bad thinking that because hey - it's not Robin's fault. I've heard her books are bloody amazing.

Anyway... this leads to the update I promised I'd write. At this present moment, most of the work I am doing; on this blog, on my novel, in my general day-to-day life, on my health, keeping up with reading targets - has come to a complete halt because I feel miserable about life. I don't want to say life sucks, because life isn't the reason life feels empty. I must be the reason, so I have to find a way to deal with it. I feel disillusioned with the things that I do feel and write, which i why it's so hard to sit down and write a proper post these days. You know when the fear of failure gets so bad that you can't even start! I'm kind of getting to that stage. I don't even know what to say about this blog any more. Finger crossed, I can get over this soon...? I guess?

Game Of Thronesey stuff

1. This post is about diversity on Game Of Thrones. I found it really interesting, not just as a GOT fan but as a writer of fantasy.
2. This post about Game Of Thrones spoilers on Chicago Now really made me laugh. So. Yeah. Could always use a bit of laughter.
3. Did you know there's a course you can take to learn Dothraki? Well now you know! This online course on livinglanguage dot com is by David J. Peterson, from the Language Creation Society. Coll huh.
4. When GOT meets Disney, by Fernando Mendonça and Anderson Mahanski. These are my favourites;

Daenerys Targaryen

Jon Snow

Bran Stark and Hodor


Ashana Lian .


  1. Aww, I'm sorry this wasn't as great as you thought it would be. I was sad I couldn't get a ticket, but now I don't feel anywhere near as bad. I will probably just watch it at home, for free and feel pretty happy I was lazy myself. I absolutely love the Game of Thrones Disney style pictures!

    1. Well, I must say, I'm pretty sure other people thought it was great! I just wasn't wowed, I guess. =/ Yesss doo! I would definitely recommend George/GOT and Robin/Farseer fans to watch the conversation, it was pretty interesting. Thanks for commenting!

    2. Oh, one more thing - Blinkbox just sent me a playlist of 'exclusive footage' after the event and the ones I saw were really interesting.


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