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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

AUGUST RECAP: Summer '14 Fantasy Reading Challenge

Following the much overdue July recap, here's a recap of the books I read in August. Because I read The Name Of The Wind and The Painted Man in the same week, in my mind I'd exceeded my one-a-week target so I gave myself the luxury of slowing down. After that disaster struck. I read both Empire and Thorns leisurely and didn't quite get to the end before Fantasy Faction's Grim Gathering came around. After that I had some personal issues (will explain on Friday) that made me not feel like reading, plus I was overwhelmed by the number of books that I bought, totalling something f***ing crazy like £85.

Books that I bought that week.
(Not including The Name Of The Wind, The Painted Man and Prince Of Thorns, which I only added to that pile to keep my room tidy.) My sister has the Myke Cole book. And Harry SHOULD be here but I think I was reading it at the time.

By the time I felt like reading again, the Summer '14 Fantasy Challenge was drawing to a close and I didn't feel like reading anything too complex for my brain to handle, so I opted for a relatively shorter and extremely enjoyable Sci-Fi novel, though of course I didn't know that until after.

So, reader-she's and reader-he's, I give you the final Fantasy Challenge reading choices.

Empire In Black And Gold: ****
Steampunk Fantasy
Verdict: 'This story was highly imaginative. I loved the Apt, the world was complex and detailed, and the story itself had so many magnificent qualities to it. [...] I don't have any solid faults other than it didn't make me go crazy for it, but I enjoyed it enough'

Click Here to read the review

Prince Of Thorns: **** (unfinished)
Epic (and possibly) Dark Fantasy


The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August: *****
Time Travel Science-Fiction


And so ends the 2014 Summer Fantasy Reading Challenge! (There are REALLY too many words in this title, next year I'm cutting it right down.)

Very soon will be a conclusive post of the books read and what we learned about fantasy from them. I shall be drawing together not only my favourite books of the bunch, and techniques spotted to improve ones fantasy writing skills, but also all of the Food For Thought topics brought up from the various books. Until next time!

Ashana Lian .

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