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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

VERDICT! Book: Anarchy by James Treadwell

This is a follow up of the review of Anarchy I did on Saturday.


Anarchy review


Author: James Treadwell
Publisher: Hodder
Published: May 2014 (paperback edition, f.p.2013)
Fantasy Sub-Genre: I dare say... Dark Fantasy.O_O

Revised Verdict

I swear on all things fantasy, I did try. As it turns out, page 263 wasn't too far from the end of Part Two, thank goodness. Part Three was by far more interesting than Part Two, but eventually I got bored of that too. When I could take no more, I skipped to Part Four and was relieved to see that we were back with Goose, but unfortunately (though predictably,) I couldn't tell what was going on.

So in the end, I just closed the book, knowing that this would be one of the rare few I was call, A Real Shame.

2 stars.

Though if the whole book was like Part One, I would have given it four!

Ashana Lian .


  1. Such a shame you didn't enjoy this one very much!

    1. I felt so bad for giving it such a low rating. =/ I usually try to keep bad opinions to myself, but that would defeat the purpose of the challenge if I didn't share what I learned! Thanks again for commenting.


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