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Thursday, 3 July 2014

JUNE RECAP: Summer '14 Fantasy Reading Challenge

A shame - only three books this time. Never mind. It's still more than I have been reading at the start of the year!

The Ocean At The End Of The Lane: ****
Urban Fantasy 
Verdict: ' The Ocean At The End Of The Lane was so wonderfully told. It achieved creating an incredible sense of wonder by first having a child narrator, and second having a form of magic on the borderline of logical magic even in the realm of fantasy'

Click Here to read the review

The City: ***
Epic Fantasy
Verdict: 'This was an excellent story, well told for the most part. The way the different, different strands of the story are brought together was impressive and highly satisfying. The reason why I couldn't give it more is because it wasn't really my type of fantasy. Large chunks of it bored me, especially when introducing a new character late in the story.'

Click Here to read the review

Anarchy: ** (unfinished)
Dark Fantasy
Verdict: 'I swear on all things fantasy, I did try. [... But] in the end, I just closed the book, knowing that this would be one of the rare few I was call, A Real Shame. Though if the whole book was like Part One, I would have given it four!'

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What fantasy book(s) have you read this month?

Once again, to see the rules and conditions of this self-imposed challenge, please click below:


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