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Sunday, 27 July 2014

And Another One: Fantasy Event In London With George R.R. Martin And Robin Hobb!

1) 19 August

Event: George R.R. Martin And Robin Hobb In Conversation
Details: I find it very interesting that Gollancz is holding a festival with their authors, and now it seems HarperVoyager is also bringing out their stars; George RR Martin and Robin Hobb. This thing - WILL - BE - HUGE.

Nothing has been confirmed except that the venue is in central London, ticket sales start later in the week, and they're throwing in a copy of Fool's Assassin by Robin Hobb, which I was hoping to buy at some point so... sweet. Here is a quote;
"This unique event offers readers the perfect opportunity to spend an evening listening to two of the world’s greatest storytellers, discussing how they build their fictional universes, create their characters and balance fantasy and reality; about their influences and inspirations, their struggles and successes." [HarperVoyager site, 27/07/14]
Time and Place: TBC
Here's the crunch... Tickets: £45 (...these events are killin' me.)

I never would have found this if it wasn't for Thanks FanBooRev.


Freemasons' Hall, Holborn, London 
19 August 2014, 19:30 to 21:00 
Tickets £45.00 (and £1.77 fee, beware. =] )

Image: Preparing to Slay Undead - Pathfinder by Furious-Panda

Why Haven't You Been Posting Book Analyses, Shani?

Well, um, the two Saturdays before yesterday, I was abroad. Both yesterday and today, I've had very tiring and confidence-slamming shifts at work. So despite how ecstatic I am to share my analysis of The Name Of The Wind with you - and I truly am because it is exceptional - it was a long book and thus I have a LOT of comments and praise and criticisms and the last thing I want to do when I'm depressed enough to watch the Simpsons as I eat three dinners and Turkish Delight from Cyprus and wash that down with plum wine I bought from Hyper Japan on Friday - is write a report. So, there. There is your reason. *skulks off*

Ashana Lian .

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