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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

MAY RECAP: Summer '14 Fantasy Reading Challenge

I DID IT! Hey heyyyy! =] These are the four fantasy books I read and rev'd this month:

Dream London: ***
Urban (and/or) Slipstream Fantasy
Verdict: 'I'm dithering between a three and a four. Three suggests mediocre - it isn't. It's more than that. It is a passive but enchanting type of fantasy [...] Buuuut ultimately I end up on a three, because the one thing that makes the book so amazing is the very same thing that holds it back.'

Click Here to read the review

Tigana: ***
Epic (and equally/or) High Fantasy
Verdict: '...despite a great story and a lasting message, there were too many holes, sadly not in the story but in narration. The storytelling was unsatisfying in a lot of ways, [... but] I am glad I read the book and I know it will stay in my head for quite some time.'

Click Here to read the review

A Natural History Of Dragons: *****!!!
Historical/Science Fantasy
Verdict: 'I loved the way it was written, I love how realistically and seamlessly fantasy creatures were woven into the fabric of this reality, and I was just so taken with this astoundingly organic idea. Yes, yes, I know dragons have Been Done. But not quite like this... I assure you.'

Click Here to read the review

Among Others: ***
Magical Realism
Verdict: 'I didn't feel connected enough to the story [...] this book did make me laugh out loud quite a few times. Mori is such a likeable character which I really value, and this insight of magic and fairies is different to anything I've experienced before.'

Click Here to read the review

Once again, to see the rules and conditions of this self-imposed challenge, please click below:

Ashana Lian ,
And May Ashanami Serve And Preserve Fantasy .

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