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Thursday, 8 May 2014

TV Show: The Event

I watched the event maybe... maybe a few years back? I watched it up to the bit where Simon Lee betrays Sophia, then I just stopped, I don't remember why. Anywho, I finally finished it. =] It was either my Mum or my sister who told me about it. I liked it because there was a clear supernatural element, but it wasn't made obvious by intense and pointless special effects. It was just as much about the intrigue, the political difficulties, and the relationships between characters as much as it was about the fact that this show is about... aliens.

One thing I really love is how subtle the use of supernatural elements is. I don't normally say that but I guess I'm tired of seeing amazing, flashy effects covering up an awful story. The Event had a gripping story, at least to start with, and I was pulled in the mysteries and the intriguing non-chronological scenes of the first few episodes. It was very political and, as usual with TV shows involving aliens, did the thing of the aliens being held in deep suspicion with the odd characters sympathising with them and trying to help them. One thing that really hooked me is how the initial relationship between President Martinez and Sophia had so many good intentions, which then just unravels more and more until all that's left is a bitter feud, with each side trying to protect themselves.

Later on, however, it did start to become predictable. As the series was cancelled, some things were never answered. I understand why Dempsey was after the extraterrestrial girls, but the details of that were VERY sketchy. I was agitated towards the end at how ambiguous Simon Lee was about their origins, about the EB's 'being there first', when he seemed to have the answers Sean was after. To add to that, after Sean Walker found Leila, I'm not sure I felt quite convinced that his role in the show was purposeful. It should have been, though, with all of his skills and experiences thus far, but I wasn't convinced by his teaming up with Vicky and alongside the rest of the happenings in the show, it just didn't compare. That was a shame because I did quite like Sean and Vicky.

It would be interesting to find out exactly what the capabilities of the extraterrestrials are. You get a hint of what they can do, which seems to be more to do with technological advancements than anything else, but that's kind of... it. There was this interesting tea ritual scene with Sophia, Simon, Thomas and Isabelle, but to be honest, what that was all about, I don't really know. I feel as if some details were dragged out in the hopes of unfolding gradually, but sadly all that's left now is an isolated season one and whole lot of questions.


List of favourites.

Favorite character: This is a hard one!! Can I do a top 3? First and foremost is Simon Lee. He's the voice of reason, the moral core of the show, so to speak. His good-naturedness and determination to do what's right makes want him to win. Even though it can be argued that his character is predictable. I suppose.
---> My second favourite is Sophia - how could it not be? Her command over her People is clearly powerful through the way she inspired loyalty and faith, though I never understood why she is their leader, maybe I missed that information. I wonder if she was next in line, or if she was elected, or if she simply asserted her right to lead.
---> Two more characters, Thomas, who is interesting because of his aggression and bitterness, and awkward relationship with his mother. And Vicky, because she never changes. I don't normally say that as a good thing! She was my Constant for this show, like Astrid was for Fringe. She was a pro at her job and very resourceful, I liked that a lot. Though I couldn't help rolling my eyes that her distraction was always the Dumb Girl In Need Of Help routine. Though I suppose maybe it makes a point - after all, it worked every time.

Favourite antagonist: Blake, that is, because he started to have faith. His suspicion and unease about the Eb's made him very cold and in some aspects ruthless, when made me dislike him a lot and shout at the screen at lot too, but I did like his development. of course by the time he began to see the EB's weren't all bad, President Martinez had lost his patience and wanted them gone.

Favourite twist: When Sean Walker gets back to his room and find that his identity has been erased. I loved that bit because I couldn't figure out [A], how they'd done it and [B], how the hell he would prove that his girlfriend did exist! It was one of the reasons I just had to keep watching. Though, I forgot - someone remind me - how did he know Michael Buchanan was gonna crash the plane again? Because every time I think back, I can't remember how he got a hold of that information.

Favourite episode: I dunno why, but the, when Simon Lee is exposed, EB's collapse the Washington Monument, Thomas dies, Sophia's people use their tech to transport the bus out of there, and... basically a lot of shit goes down. I'd also like to add in Simon Lee being saved by a mystery caller - did we ever find out who that was? - but I think that's in the next episode.

It was a shame it ended. There was a lot of room for improvement but I thought the foundation was pretty solid. Anywho, I enjoyed it while it lasted... and that end-of-season cliffhanger really left me hangin'.

Ashana Lian .

A.S. When I get the chance, I'd like to review The Lost Room. Its a 3-part miniseries that I really loved, and I watched it a long time ago. I'd like to find it first and watch it again... hopefully that isn't too hard a task.

S.A.S. I have changed books for the Fantasy Challenge, by the way - from 'Tigana', to 'Dream London'. It's a lot shorter so hopefully I can get through it quicker.

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