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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Fantasy Magazines (Part 3) - Sci-Fi Now, Fantasy Art, Comic Heroes, Comic Artist, Imagine FX, etc.

Continued from Part 1 and Part 2.

I picked up Sci-Fi Now because I'd finished watching Fringe and it's gotten me back into Sci-Fi for the time being; Start Up Your Own Business, because I am going into my third year of university and I'd like to plan what in hell I'll be doing afterwards; Fantasy Art Genius Guide, because I like fantasy art and wanted to see more on it; Comic Art, because dude-it's-comics-why-not; and Comic Book Heroes, because the cover was '75 Years of Batman' and I love Batman aaaand it also had a really cool feature on the origins of Wonder Woman. The fantasy art magazines had some incredible, inspiring artwork.

Later (like last week or something), I also bought How To Set Up An Online Business and Imaginefx. But the way, all of them were pretty good - although the Start Up Your Own Business mag had more white spaces than information! It wasn't impressive to open up a page and see white, more white, a huge illustration and then two paragraphs. Literally. I should've taken a picture. But they were all useful in their own way, and hopefully they'll help to get my website on the road.

I'm not really an impulsive person... if I buy something other than the necessities, it's usually food or otherwise a book. So even though I haven't bought a magazine in probably a year or two, I was very surprised to find myself buying about a year's worth, like five at once, making the total rack up to a staggering £45.95. Basically I was buying 5 books worth £9.19. Daaaamn. And that's not including one ones I bought later...

I'd like to view it as an 'investment' in my 'field'. When I view it like that, I won't panic and take them all back. Plus, I know (from past experience) that having bought those, I will study them over and over several times, and I won't even feel like buying a magazine for... usually another year or two.

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