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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Fantasy Magazines (Part 2) - #SFX 248

Continued from Part 1.

So, SFX #248. Front cover is X:Men, which seems to suggest that Mystique is the young version of Storm. Ha lol psyche.

This issue came with a free copy (more like a taster, I suppose) of Darren Shan's Zombie: Circus, which was really cool because I'd been a fan of the Demonata series at school and now my younger brother is loving the Zombie series. He almost snatched it away when I told him he could add it to his collection.

I'm glad that there was a big feature on X-Men as I do love X-Men. I am, however, doubtful about X:Men: Days Of Future Past, reason being that the source of the hype and excitement seems to primarily come from the collaboration between the two X-Men casts, but that's aboooout it. I went 'Oooh!' the first time I heard too. But from what I've checked out so far the story seems hopelessly boring. I've seen awesome storylines for X-Men in the past, so that was an Awwwh. I have seen the trailer. It doesn't impress. And yet, maybe I will still go and see it. I dunno. I might - just to see Ellen Page. I've had more reason to admire her over the years.

SOOOO what else does this magazine offer? Well there was a VERY cool two-pager on the teams of the X-Men universe. I loved that spread. The not-to-be-missed on TV, a lovely page on Hayao Miyazaki, an note that Captain America 3 has already been decided, an awesome two-page feature on the Sinister Six (Spidey Villains) and they picked Jared Harris for Doc Oc! Having just finished Fringe, I think I would LOVE to see that. I would love to see him in ANYTHING.

I did scan the TV section just in case, but as usual nothing grabbed me. Plus I haven't sat in front of the TV for so long - might as well not break the habit now. =P Oh, did I say? Alphas and No Ordinary Family has just been added to Netflix! Yup! But, the magazine - I don't much like Godzilla so I skipped that. Yet ANOTHER review of Divergent - I've come across a lot, now, and the reviewer of this issue of SFX gave it a higher rating than the last one. There was a lil' feature on London Super Comic Con, which of course I went to. There's also this thing called Comics Unmasked happening, which I don't think I should miss.

On the front 'HUNGER GAMES 3! All you need to know!!!' Really? One page of info we already knew? Okaaay then. A page on the adaptation of the book The Maze Runner, which I didn't even look at. I feel bad, because it's really not the author's fault I'm bored of this concept, I know a lot of similar but just as worthy books had been published before THG. Plus, that said, I still love reading Battle Royale because its awesome. And I still like The Hunger Games. I just don't have the strength to invest fangirling power into something new.

And of course the book section, my favourite bit. Memory Of Water, Thief's Magic, The Oversight, Peacemaker, Son Of The Morning... I've got a lot for my TBR list. I did read the YA section but I wished I hadn't. I feel like the more I even try to show an interest or even respect towards this genre, the less I like it. Anyway, I've been telling myself I'm gonna read all Terry Pratchett books - now would probably be a good time to start.

Fantasy Magazines Part 3 - coming soon.

Ashana Lian .

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