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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Fantasy Magazines (Part 1) - SFX #247

So, I've been getting into magazines lately.

I have been very much out of the loop for several reasons; the first being health related, the second being that blogging became a chore, the third being that I'm so sick of having to get up every day and switch on my laptop, so sometimes I just don't. Seeing as I'm making a conscious effort to get into 'my field' more, I thought 'Why not.' I've already finished my first choice for the 2014 Summer Fantasy Challenge, and you can find the post on Dream London Here (Next up is Tigana by Guy Gavriel Kay). But - its also occurred to me that I should keep on top of what is current, as well as trying to make a dent in my TBR pile.

A while back I picked up SFX #247 and a SFX Special Edition, which was titled Fantasy but the front cover was also Game Of Thrones - which made me a bit nervous and sadly my fears were right. MOST of it is Game Of Thrones, which I am a little tired of now. Having followed the books since what... maybe almost a decade ago, and having seen the one scene I was waiting for - The Red Wedding - I'm not really interested in the show or the story anymore until the next book is released. After all, there is so much other fantasy waiting to be found.

So, front cover Game of Thrones. There are 3 free gifts; a poster that didn't much 'wow' me and two ebooks that I haven't checked out yet. As I haven't read a F and SF magazine in ages, it was really refreshing to get this wealth of info at once. I don't like one after another after another, though.

What was most valuable to me was the up and coming books and thing. There was an article about this interesting comic called Ordinary about the last man on earth without superpowers. Not a daringly original idea but I'd still be interested to see what angle it takes and where it goes with the idea. Also the book Rebecca Newton and The Sacred Flame caught my eye. So did The Manual, interesting idea. The First Fifteen Lives Of Harry August, I've had my eye on that for a while because it's like an idea I had. Guardians Of The Galaxy caught my interest because it was described as a Space Opera. After Firefly, I will willingly take on a space opera! I wouldn't have been saying the same this time last year!

I also loved, on the letters page, the bit that read 'This Month in SFX History', and they show you what headline of the magazine was 5, 10, and 15 years ago - which by the way was (in order) Terminator Salvation, The Day After Tomorrow (which I adore) and Blair Witch! Awesome. And strange. 15 years ago, I was 6.

I also really enjoyed the Female Role in SF Blockbusters. I have thought about it before - being a female writer with a protag. that is female. On that front, I think about what I am/should be portraying through my book. I loved looking at the chronology of Batman! Especially when it got to Batman Beyond, which was a particular favourite of mine when I was younger. The film The Machine looks awesome and I'd love to check that out at some point.

The SFX Special Edition - Fantasy, The Ultimate Celebration. it was indeed cool, though not really that 'ultimate' - most of it was Game of Thrones and there was little information there I didn't already know. But I did enjoy reading the Game Of Thrones by numbers section.

As for the rest - I think the most useful part was the 25 Greatest Dragons. (And I just gotta say... FALKOR IS A LUCKDRAGON?! O_O Whaaattt =O )  But to be honest, the magazine I thought would be the most useful for me was actually the most useless for me. =( I am sad. But never mind - there's always next month. =]

Fantasy Magazines Part 2
Fantasy Magazines Part 3 - coming soon.

Ashana Lian .

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