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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Wise Words from Big Bro

Justice League WAR Verdict From Big Brother, capitalisation necessary. c:

The origin comics that Justice League 'War' movie was based on.

My oldest brother got round to watching it. War, I mean. He watched it literally the same day I told him, which is ironic because he procrastinates about everything else. Sorry. Harsh but true.

So I rushed up to him, all eager-like, and asked him what he thought. He goes to me, "*sigh*, You know, they always find a way to disappoint me."

And I said "WHHHAT?! Really?"

"Superman isn't like that. He's - he's just not like that, I didn't like him at all, but I appreciated that they didn't make him huge and the women tiny." He went on to explain about something else he watched where that was the case, and he said that Wonder Woman and Lois Lane were tiny, they looked about 4 foot where Superman was like 8 foot, which was really creepy because it looked like some huge man dating a little girl. I was like 'Well that's disturbing...' Can't remember what it was called but I'll find out.

"And Batman? He was my favourite."

My brother does that funny little smile-grimace and goes "Yeeeah... see again, they didn't make him tactical enough like Under The Red Hood - you seen under the red hood?"


His eyes, honest to God, went so wide. He dropped his voice and said, astonished, "Are you fucking kidding me?" I had to laugh because my brother doesn't really swear, for anything. I thought 'Now he's getting emotional. This must be good.' He said Under The Red Hood was the best Batman film he'd ever seen. He said it was clever, tactical, and logical (words of this nature c: ) so I made a note straight away to watch it (*snort* Yeah, I'll get round to that when this semester at university finishes, probably).

So then I talked about my burning hate, Green Lantern. "What did you think of him?"

"Oh, he was alright."

"I couldn't stand him. And I'm not with the whole Ring That Can Do Anything thing."

"It can't do anything." he said simply, "It can only make physical constructs."

And as that's something I've been wondering about for a long time, I thought, "Riiiiiight. Well, okay then. There could very well be things I don't know about the ring. But still - " and I explained about the attack methods with Green Lantern, how I found the choices-nonrealistic.

We talked about Cyborg - "Cyborg was good." my brother agreed. By this point I was surprised he didn't have any qualms with this character as well. But then he said, "But Flash, see, Flash wasn't as funny as I expected him to be. I know there's one Flash who's funnier than the other - I think Barry Allen is the less funny one, and then you have... W - um... West, West, something-West..."

"Wally West."

"Wally West! Yeah, he's the one that's not so funny, and he's the one that was in this movie."

All versions of The Flash!!

"Well that would make sense, because I generally found Green Lantern to be funnier than the Flash, which I wasn't expecting. It's like they swapped places! I also thought Shazam was quite funny - OH, WHAT DID YOU THINK OF SHAZAM?! He was my favourite, I loved him!"

"Oh no, no-no. I hated him."

I was. Appalled.

My brother continued, "The reason why Billy was chosen to have the powers of Shazam is because he's pure of heart, he's supposed to be pure of heart. If you look at the kid in the movie - he sneaks past the guards, he's surly, he stole that guy's shirt - a kid like that wouldn't be chosen to be the defender of the universe, he just wouldn't be given those responsibilities. I was disappointed with his character."

I was like ._. "Oh."

Billy Batson in other animations.

Then I thought =D "Hm!"

"Why don't you make a blog or vlog about it? I know they're be people who'd be interested in your opinion. Because you're more into comics than me, you're really good at criticising this sort of stuff!"

He goes, "I... don't really write."
Meaning he doesn't like writing like I do.

"What about a vlog?"

"I don't know what that is."

"Video blog. Or should I say - Video Web Log. Talk to a camera."

"! don't feel comfortable doing that."

*shrug* Well. Nobody can say I didn't try. It really is a shame because he talks a lot about how producers and animators aren't giving the fans what they want, he says he can never find a cartoon that does the characters justice, he talks about how great Teen Titans was and how frustrating it is that it was cancelled. But then he doesn't actually make his voice heard through any sort of medium. It's like customers at work who'll talk about how bad the service is with our store, but they won't actually complain to Head Office so that the customer's view can be heard and something can be changed. Sometimes I ignore it, sometimes it annoys me. If you won't do anything, don't say anything. They complain, and then they do nothing. What can you do?

Ashana Lian .

A.S. My thoughts on Justice League: WarJustice League - WAR! (2014 Animated Movie Review Thingy. Yeah.)

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