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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Marvel Magazines And Graphic Novels

I admit, I am getting off track.

I've had a ball going on about Justice League, it was fun, but the time has come for it to end. I'm going to collect as much scribblings as possible about Supe'd Up and then put the project away to focus on what really matters - Seven Empires Fall. Or whatever it ends up being called.


Before I close this chapter, ONE LAST ROUND! =D

Naturally I had to make this a Marvel post, if this series of posts is going to go out with a bang.

Marvel Fact Files (Partworks Magazine)

I bought this quite some time ago and I was in the mood to bring it down off the shelf today. As I've always been a Marvel Fan, when I saw them selling the first issue for like a pound where I work, I thought Why Not? Well... actually, I thought, I Must - !!!

I can't remember what you get with the first issue - I remember Spiderman was on the front though, and as he's one of the Marvel male heroes I actually like, fine. But with issue 2, you get this awesome binder, an if it doesn't enlarge when you click it, I'll tell you - on the front it has a WEALTH of Marvel favourites; right in the front is The Hulk, Thor, Wolverine, Captain America, Magneto - then you got Spiderman, Spiderwoman (or girl, I ain't gonna lie, I can never remember... I think her name is Jessica though =D ), Who I THINK is Black Widow, and then one who kinda looks like Jean Grey... and then in all honesty I have NO IDEA who the rest of them are.

Is that any better?

After having a read through it, I decided not to continue buying the series after Issue 2 (Even though Issue 3 comes with dividers for the binder =D). The reason is because, even though I'm not a HARDCORE fan, I'm also not a newbie and I would say that generally speaking, I know my stuff. As long as you don't ask me about Bolivar Trask or something weird. Much of the issue goes over content I discovered when I was 10. Wikipedia was my friend then, still is now.

But, I know that eventually the series would cover the less popular heroes - maybe they put well known ones in the first few issues to draw people in. But I don't think I wanted to spend much more money on things I kinda already knew, or else characters I didn't much care about. So I have this sweeeet binder and 2 issue, and that's pretty much it! Hehe, okay now let's do a tour of the magazine.

When you open the binder, there's a list of logos inside the cover which I think is really awesome. Though I was irked that Avengers came before X-Men (e_e), then we got the Fantastic 4, and the other three symbols are for Marvel Knights, Cosmic, and Real Marvel *shrug*, which is how the magazine is divided.

Did I mention Wolverine is my favourite Marvel male? Yes? Well you remembered wrong, because I'm QUITE sure (teehee XD trick question) that I would have also mention how I put him on the same level as Cable. I love Cable, even though he underrated. Or maybe, he's one of my faves BECAUSE he's underrated. Knowing Marvel, he'd lose his novelty the moment they put him in the spotlight. (Sorry Marvel. Sad but true.)

... why did I even out this picture in? Got nothin' to say.

I can't remember how close this magazine was released to The Amazing Spiderman movie, but it was nice to get some background info on Gwen Stacy because I knew next to nothing about her. I didn't even know she existed until maybe some time before that movie came out - for most of my childhood I'd always thought there was only Mary Jane. This sounds bad, but it kind of gets annoying these characters cropping up (though I only have my ignorance to blame, lol) like Clark Kent's Lana Lang. When I first watched Smallville I was like, 'Who the heck is Lana Lang??! Where's Lois?!'

And another thing. Mary-Jane. Gwen Stacy. Lana Lang. Lois Lane. Are you hearing the repetition? Two syllables and One, or vice versa. No 'Angelica's or nothing. Can't they create some diversity with the names? I know they were all created in the same period of time, but damn... throw in a Jessica or somethin, man...

I. LOVED this spread. It was like the old cartoon I used to watch coming back and punching me in the face with love, that's what it felt like when I turned to it. I was happy to recognise every character on this page, even Sunfire - oh, except the curious-looking dude with the red and blue, far right. Never heard of him before ._.

I sometimes forget that this well-known team weren't actually the original X-Men, but actually formed to save the First Class.

Someone remind me how Jean Grey ended up dropping 'Marvel Girl' again?

Okay, I love the New X-Men. I read a comic about them ages ago when I was at secondary school that had X-23 in it, and it was a great read. Illyana is one of my personal favourite, a well as X-23, though I get frustrated with Magma quite a bit sometimes just for being like a female Pyro. Oh well.

Rogue, one of the old favourite, again. I remember Grace Randolph saying in a video about how it's great she's gets really innovative storylines as her powers stop her from getting into a relationship. That's pretty cool - sometimes I'm tired reading about what issue Cyclops and Jean grey got into THIS time. Think I'll go pick up a Rogue comic.

Marvel's Mightiest Heroes! (Graphic Novel Collection)

Again, it was £1.99 and I couldn't resist. DESPITE that I sortakindamaybe dislike the Avengers. In the first picture, on the left is a poster, on the right is a collectors edition graphic novel, and the next two image show what original comics they were taken from.

As it was only £1.99, I was like meh, it's would be great to have a Marvel comic on my shelf for the price of a KFC snack box. But the NEXT issue was £7, so.... well, I don't really need to spell it out, do I....

LOL, and I call myself a FAN??!

I will further explain the reason why I'm not collecting the series, again. Most of the characters are boring to me. On the back of the cardboard is a list of heroes that each comic will be focussed on, I'll type it up here:

Iron Man
Captain America
X Men
Black Panther
Captain Britain (psh, please.)
Ghost Rider
Iron Fist, and
Doctor Strange.

Okay - even if we take out the ones I don't know, that doesn't change that only a few of them I actually LIKE. As I said before, X Men is my main reason for supporting Marvel, even well known X Men still intrigue me, like Storm. After that, I like Spiderman, and I used to think Thor was boring but I felt the movie brought life back into the character. I didn't go to see the movies for the Hulk, Iron Man, or Captain America, because they bore me. Sorry man, no offence meant.

I love when book spines do that. c:

Who are these peepol ?!

- sigh -

I'm surprised I actually managed to do this post before ten o'clock this evening. (e_e) ) Tomorrow is the day for this blog's feature which I made up like three weeks ago - Fiction Friday. As it's one of the alternate Fridays, I either post Seven Empires Fall expreact or nothing. Er, I do intend to post Seven Empires tomorrow, (which would be a bit exciting as I've gotta show where seven months of my left went) but that's provided it doesn't turn out to be an awful day like today. Today was the worst day this week, I must admit. And if I must pin the blame on something, then I point fingers at myself, and this blog.

Ashana Lian .

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