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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Author's Notes on [Seven Empires Fall - Chapter 6]

HERE to read the short fic.

Disclaimer: Don't own it.

I decided to post it as I had written it - indented.

My Fiction Friday pieces are line spaced; I do that for work I have written to post online as it's easier to read. Manuscripts, I write indented.

This is one of my favourite little bits, naturally, as Milete Beyene is introduced and she is probably my favourite female character. I may have mentioned it, but when the story was created, she was meant to be the protag. But she couldn't fulfil the needs of the story, so she stepped down to Karalan and I suppose you could say her inexplicable suspicion of Karalan has been present ever since. Teehee XD

Chapter 6. 3rd of June. I can't believe how quickly I got to Chapter SIX, I started writing the whole thing in, what, May?

This picture is misleading, but it'll do for now. Bless'd Bay is a town that runs along the edge of the country, collected of villages and one big dirt road connecting them. There are rivers within this town, but just outside. Most of it is a beach. The large hut that is the school of Bless'd Bay is actually at the highest point of the village, on a hill, and you can see the beach in the near distance. it isn't that close to the water, and there are no mountains in sight.

Well, I didn't manage to post the fic before ten but at least I posted it at all.


I'm going to leave this bit out, because if improvements are to be made, it would have to be looked at in perspective. As this is an extract of a chapter of a book of a series, I COULD analyse this one bit, but I'm not sure how useful that would be right now, while the whole thing is still unfinished. Also, I'm tired and my eyes hurt. G'night.

Ashana Lian .

P.S. This schedule is working really well so far! So, Author's Notes today, a fantasy related post on Tuesday, and maybe Thursday, then a brand new short fic on Friday! I'll do my best to keep this up!

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