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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Superheroes, Superpowers, and the Marvel vs DC Debate :3

Superheroes and Superpowers

Okay. I know what I said about staying focused on Seven Empires - and I swear, I will. But this burst of inspiration that I've had has taken me n a roller coaster. I even have characters already; Dewey and Whitney, and man I have been thinking about them ALL DAY. I loved playing about with the ideas of different superpowers and pleased that I was able to make it so different to my Clear/Zero story (kinda like my X-Men story. So I suppose, this would be my DC story, maybe.) Scenes and characters have been appearing in involuntary visualisations since last night (I was up until two in the morning writing it all down) and I am really hoping to share some of it on Fiction Fridays in three days time :3

Nothing was posted last Friday, as I was working and kind of ran out of time to select a piece of the Seven Empires story I was proud of.

Oh, I'm a bit concerned about that. I'm actually past visualising the actual chronology of the main story and for some reason spend a lot of my time thinking about things that happen after Book 1, when Karalan's not in the story. It's really great and a lot of fun (I did a video about my Eani Aitan/Serotte problem, but just for me to vent my confusion really) but I am worried I am tapering off.

In a Stephen King book I read, I'm sure he mentioned trying to get the majority of a story down in three months, a after that the motivation starts to die. I think I did pretty well, but then my progress was really slow and we are coming up to a year. =/

Meh, I'll figure it out.

Billy Batson / Shazam in Justice League War

Like I said before, I was HUGELY interested in the character of Shazam and this superhero shortfic was actually inspired by the Billy Batson ego of him. I was only musing over the idea, them all of a sudden this whole new character Dewey was born alongside ADORABLE Whitney and a hilarious cast right behind them. I dunno why everyone's a joker in this story but that's just how it turned out. I like it that way, I haven't ever written a story like that before. I literally laughed myself to sleep last night.

It's so nice to be crazy c:

Marvel Pan.

Marvel vs DC

After watching Justice League 'War', I thought about this once again, because man, that was SUCH a good movie. But regardless, I still think I'll stick with Marvel, and by that I mean X-Men.

I take sides with Marvel because even though DC has Batman, who's probably one of my favourite solo superheroes, I generally like the X-Men more than Justice League. But almost cancelling that out, I cannot STAND the Avengers or Captain America (Marvels).

DC Pan. LOOK! Top right, ZATANNA!! :D


[1] Post my Dewey/Whitney story on Friday, [2] continue working on Seven Empires story. [3] Sort out my life. That would be great too.

Ashana Lian .

P.S. New post days will be, I think, Sunday, Tuesday, and then either Fiction Friday or the Thursday before if it's a gap week.

We'll see how it goes. My life is too hectic to make any solid plans right now. Ciao. (I only just realised this word was Italian... I HONEST TO GOD thought it was Chinese. (No, SERIOUSLY!))

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