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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Progress: Back On The Right Path

Like the picture? A wallpaper I found on Google images for the Legend Of Aang cartoon!

I just logged into my old Fanfiction account on Man, I didn't think I'd ever been doing that again. I won't delete my old stuff - that was the springboard into what I write today. Doesn't mean I'm not embarrassed of my old work!

I put a link there to my personal blog for anyone who actually wants to reads more of my stuff, and logged out for what I think now will be THEE last time. I sat and thought for a bit. I may have mentioned my alter egos before; at that moment, I thought about Star and Ashana Lian.

Star wrote the old strain of my work - very Youth Culture influenced, sometimes very Black Culture influenced, in the genres of contemporary or urban fiction, fast paced, sometimes nonsensical, but generally all fun. I can't believe how naive I was then. It was such a happy place to be. I'm still fond of the work I wrote then, even if I cringe at it. Quite a lot.

Ashana Lian on the other hand, writes fiction that that a lot more 'serious', but with that seriousness comes a sadness. This is after I was hit with depression, and almost everything I have written since had been riddled with that heavy, choking reality of life. I love this new work too, because I can compare it to my old work and see I've improved in my writing, and I have grown as a person too. Even if sometimes the hurt is very visible.

Most importantly, Ashana Lian goes back to the root of my love of writing - Fantasy. I, love, Fantasy. As a child, it was the only reason I picked up a book in the first place. Who the hell wanted to read a book about school? =P I had no interest in reading a book about real life, especially as I got older. I wanted to escape real life; for me, that was the point of books (hahaha)!

Of course, I grew to love many genres (including teen reads about high schools, heh) and including non-fiction too. But Fantasy has always been my first and foremost. It's so great that this is a culture that that been rapidly growing (often merging with 'Geek Culture') so it's easier to find other people with the same interest, easier to connect and find great books. I'm glad that I am writing more of it again, and not being distracted so much by other tempting ideas.


from Google Ims.

Karalan has been on my mind heavily today, but strangely, Serotte has been as well. Originally, Serotte was going to resemble Milete Beyene, then I thought, wouldn't it be more interesting if she looked like Skirmantas, or even better, startlingly like Karalan... ?! Wouldn't that haunt everyone! =D It would bring out very interesting reactions from those deemed as Karalan's 'disciples'.

I meant to do some writing, but lately every time I sit down at my laptop, it's the last thing I want to do. The very last thing!!! It's as if I wish I would telepathically transmute my words to the page, without having to do the aching procedure of typing word by word. It's aggravating, because when I'm away from the laptop, it's all I think about.

I thought about a lot of Prince and Karalan scenes as well, visualising it, trying to figure out the best way to show their friendship. The problem is that Prince's personality and natural... pshh, speech pattern, I guess - makes his dialogue to her more flirtatious than it's meant to be, which in turn makes hers incredibly aggressive. As she is a sometimes-aggressive character anyway, it gets tiring hearing Karalan always yelling at someone about something. It's driving me a bit nuts.

The only character who helps to smooth out this tension is Rogs, who constantly jokes about Prince not being able to get Karalan, so Prince then has to defend himself. I'm not sure if I entirely like this solution. *Sighhhh* I will think about it again on the bus to Uni and deal with this irritation later.

Ashana Lian .

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