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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Justice League - WAR! (2014 Animated Movie Review Thingy. Yeah.)


As you may well know, I usually pick Marvel over DC. But this will be a DC post, just to make it clear!!!

I spotted this movie by pure coincidence. After spending parts of last week watching certain comic book-related videos (on Grace Randolf’s Think About The Ink Youtube channel) which I’d coincidentally got to  from The Legend Of Korra video, which I’d coincidentally got to from the Youtube blog on Blogger – finding this movie was a complete Why Is DC Always In My Face moment for me. Especially after watching the video that rated the Justice League as the number 1 superhero group. I dunnoooo, maaaaan, I’ve always been an X-Men person.

Those who know me know that I don’t write ‘Reviews’. I write ‘Rambles’. Take from it what you will.

The Movie (Semi-review)

I was going to do it chronologically, as events happen in the movie, but instead I’ll talk about each character. That should cover everything.

Martian Manhunter. Always loved that guy. I loved how him and Superman could meet on a level, both being the last of their race. Oh, wait... did I get that right?!

I’m glad they didn’t put Aquaman. I never quite get him. I’m always like ‘Why is he here?’ *laughing* I’m sorry, it’s mean, but I do !!

Green Lantern

Seven minutes in, and Hal Jordan is getting on my nerves. Big time! I had to ask myself why nobody was punching him in the face, until I remembered that he only knew Batman so far and Batman was beyond that sort of childishness. Cause he’s BATMAN, DURH! At first I thought how very interesting that none of them know each other, and EVENTUALLY, a long last, I realised it was an Origins plot. It probably took me until Cyborg’s scene that I realised. I thought, ‘Well, as we've seen Hal Jordan, and I don’t think this particular black man is John Stewart (as I was hoping), I have to assume he’s Cyborg. But where’s all his – OHHHH!!!!!’

I literally clicked on this movie without knowing a thing about it. Lucky mistake. c:

(I’d like to take this moment to address Green Lantern’s ring. This is something I’ve thought about for years, it’ the whole, What A Shame He’s Normal Without It issue, it’s the Can This Ring Really Do ANYTHING At All? issue. And I thought about it again at about eight and a half minutes into this movie (8.31 to be precise). I feel as if a seasoned Green Lantern would always use his most powerful attack against an enemy because - why not? Seems as if the same amount of energy is used to create a pillow as an aeroplane. Suddenly he’ll be like, ‘That’s it, time for the big guns!’ and create a tank that shoots rockets, and I’m like, ‘Why didn’t he just do that at the beginning?’ Such a great idea, but so many holes for me! Urgh, my brain hurts. Will continue the discussion another day.)

It grew very irritating very quickly that Green Lantern was always so hasty to attack, and then made me wonder why the man who always wants to throw somebody against a wall is the defender of the UNIVERSE. And erm, how did he get his ring again? What FOR?! He is clearly the Idiot of the movie, having been the one who is proved wrong countless times but not learning from his mistakes. GL says the stupid shit like, “That wasn’t so hard!”

ARGHHHH *facepalm*

I have another question. Is GL HJ usually so overconfident, or is it just this portrayal of him? Because DAMN

- and my feelings are such that no full stop is required.

But despite this, he also had the funniest bits in the movie, which surprised me as I expected that to come solely from Flash!

Funniest Scene #2 is when Superman does some sort of mind-link with Batman and suddenly they’re cool now so GL looks really perplexed and goes “Heyheyhey! We done fighting?” That was funny, BUT –
First places goes to the bit when Flash meets GL and Hals’ all like “Heyyy, Flash!” being all chummy, Flash doesn’t get it, but then Hal says
GL: “Oh yeah and that’s... Batman.”
F: “Batman’s REAL?!”
GL (glum): “Oh yeah, he’s over there.”
That's #1 for sure. No amount of describing will do it justice so you have to watch it firsthand. I had to watch it over and over, and I cracked up every time!

Wonder Woman

First off, I love her costume (image above). It's modest and practical, loving the neck-high/almost-boyshorts look (solves the bulging cleavage and pulling-knickers-outta-your-bum problem. Ignored - but a very real problem! lmfao). It’s also very refreshing from the costume that I always imagine to be the Classic design (image below, hopefully), though I’ve seen a range of WW costumes. But woah, look at how TINY Wonder Woman’s waist is! DAMN. Me: *just ate a lamb patty* =/

The scene Wonder Woman first appears in, I was SO, shocked to hear some man call her a whore! So shocked! I thought, ‘Oh my God, am I still watching Justice League?! Tell me this isn't PG!’ But the bit when she bit into the ice cream (which I expected to be cheesy) was hilarious.

Ice Cream scene from the original comic, found on this blog

When she had her first fight scene, I was like ‘Wonder Woman can kick ASS!!!!’ I can’t deny I was very much looking forward to the first Superman/Wonder Woman meeting and I wasn’t disappointed. When it happened, I was grinning so widely. :3 Happyyy! I’m sorry, I’ve always been a bit ‘Meh’ about Lois =/

Okay, 59.51, more or less. With me? Okay. When she blinded Darkseid!

Women do all the work, is a phrase I’ve heard before, and sorry to say it but WW sure lived up to it. First of all, all the men went barging at Darkseid and got bashed around, while Wonder Woman was very precise and actually suceeded in blinding him all by herself. At that moment, the male superheroes - ? Disappointing. If Batman had been there, he would’ve nailed it. Hey, if Hawkgirl had been there, maybe she'da nailed it too. I feel that the only one who RELATIVELY stood a chance again Darkseid solo was Wonder Woman and, believe it or not – FLASH! Which surprises me too, but at least he got in some solid hits. Makes me feel better to hear the ‘Oomphs,’ hahehe. I don’t know what the HECK Green Lantern got his ring for, I’m telling you. (e_e)

Figurines and fanart already!!! Fanart image from HERE.

I like how when Darkseid charged again, he particularly singled out Wonder Woman as the threat, it made him seem tactical and more clever than he probably is. Although, naturally, seeing her get beat up like that made my stomach turn.

Oh, that reminds me – this movie is VIOLENT!

(or as I keep typing, Cyborb. You might see a couple Cyborb’s in herr =D)

I know little about this character, so it was nice to get a feel, as they say. The moment I saw that his Dad was blowing off his games, I knew that A. this would lead to a dispute and B. the moment he became Cyborg, the dispute would be over. Especially at the scene when his father talked about how superheroes will make his football talent ‘obsolete’. I was like – ‘And theeeeen he’s gonna become a superhero’. Kinda like in the X-Men movie when Archangel (Warren Worthington III)’s Dad’s all like, ‘Yeah I hate that you’re a mutant’ and then Archangel saves his life. Kinda cliche and yet, depending on how it’s done, kinda not. The plot development in the movie was good.

Rewind a little bit. When the Security comes into the locker room all like, “You see a kid run through here?” I laughed because I would’ve thought the ten second pause would’a made it OBVIOUS. Man!

Where was I? Yes, his father is a Royal Ass. Or Arse, as we say over hurr. And very cold to someone he supposedly loves. I was so angry when he goes injecting random alien nanotech into his son! And when he was like ‘meh’ to his son’s own agony – I wanted to whack him more than Hal Jordan. At the end, I knew Cyborg/Victor would end up forgiving him but I was still saying ‘Oh, NOW his Dad is proud! *grumble grumble*

Sorry dudes and dees. I do hold a grudge.

Watching Cyborg become... well, Cyborg, was INCREDBLE. I loved that bit, and I loved then seeing was the alien thingy allowed him to do. It was very cool. I noticed Victor became a hero very quickly, reacting to danger and seemingly knowing what to do at the right time, but I think his modification helped him out there, and also the fast-paced action stopped me from seeing his reflection about his new form, or should I say, his horror.

There was this one bit that made me laugh;
Alien Technology: N e t w o r k - e s t a b l i s h e d.
Cyborg: Yes!
Alien Technology: I n s u f f i c i e n t - e n e r g y.
Cyborg: Shit.

And one bit that made me ‘huh?’, which was when Shazam blasted the motherbox with energy. I thought, ‘As Cyborg’s made of metal, shouldn’t the electricity be hurting him...? Maybe? Maybe the metal isn’t connected to his nerve centres or something... so he doesn’t feel the pain? Not even gonna pretend like I know science (hahahaha)!!

When he gets all the clones back into their own world, and brings all of the humans back, I thought, ‘Well that’s a convenient way to clean up the mess. Convenient that nothing got swept up with them either. AND convenient that Doomsday didn't come back through when he opened the portal a second time.’ I must say, that bit was weak, unless somebody can explain those things to me.

Well, yeah. Oh! Ohhhh! Shemar Moore voiced Cyborg!!! Did you know that? DID YOU KNOW THAT??! Fun fact, eh? =D (I have a friend who’s nuts about him. It kinda rubbed off.)

Supermaaaaaan !

Can we talk about the first scene? Yis?

This Kyptonian man is TOO POWERFUL TO EXIST. I both loved and hated when GL and Batman faced him for the first time. He sent hothead GL flying and kept Batman on his toes, and it was really nerve-wrecking to watch because I didn’t want Batman to lose!!! O_O

Other than that, Superman was, as I expected, very rigid, very Cardboard Cut-out Hero, very Sense Of Justice Do-Gooder. Even though I do and always have liked Superman, I always find him boring on his own. In this movie, he was as I expected and thus great with the team. I’m cool with that.

Hey, they never actually showed how Batman freed him from the alien-glue thingy.
... whatever.


Ever since I used to watch the animated series, I always thought the Flash was awesome, and it didn’t hurt that he was the comic relief either. He’s always a valuable member of the team, despite his powers seeming relatively weak by comparison down on paper. I think the creativity put into what he does with his powers is what makes him so cool.

Yeah, ain’t much else to say really. His speaking parts were limited compared to the others =(


First, I’d like to make it clear that Batman is my favourite Justice League member. He is my favourite hero in Gotham. He is my favourite male hero in DC. HELL, he’s my favourite male superhero full-stop... but then we would kinda have to put aside Wolverine and Cable (both Marvel).

Amazing how Batman, as a mortal, can hold his own against the doomsday-like creatures by HIMSELF. (33.53, yes sir.) I loved the bit when he gave GL Hal a little pep talk so remind him that this isn’t just about him, to get the dumbass to stop being selfish and foolhardy. Yer dang right! And then he puts of civilian clothes to get caught by the doomsday-clone drones. So resourceful!

God I love Batman SO MUCH. I’m so glad he’s not underrated. (Like Cable =( )

There's this great line where he puts a knife to Darkseid's minion's throat and the minion says, "You wouldn't." And there's me, expecting the old cliche line 'Wouldn't I?' but actually what Batman says is, "Wouldn't YOU?"

Dude, Dee, I was shaking with excitement. This is why I love Batman.


I LOVE Shazam. Such a childlike nature is more adorable than irritating, somehow. Again, as I know very little about his character, it was nice to see a ‘new’ face, though I know he’s not a new hero. I knew more about CYBORG than I did about Shazam.

When alter-ego child-form Billy goes outside, said SHAZAM! and becomes an adult,  I’m like, WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA - ???!!!!!! Officially mind blown. And creeped out. 'Why’s he hanging out with minors? Weirdo.' - that's what I thought during the film as I assumed he was using his kid-form to hide.

But it took me a while to realise that Shazam was the alter-ego, not Billy. Which would explain the childlike nature, and then hilarious bit when he says to Wonder Woman, (about Superman)

Shazam: Is that your boyfriend?
WW: No...
Shazam: Cool. Watch this!!!

From Fat Movie Guy, who also said that Shazam was 'a welcome replacement for Aquaman'.

Another bit I love is when he charged at Darkseid, gets kicked around, and Wonder Woman scolds him,  “You are a warrior, not a CHILD, act like it.” Love that line. Also, now I know Shazam is the alter ego and therefore really is a child, heh, the irony. :D

I always thought (like, in the past) that Shazam could say ‘Shazam’ when ever he wanted to and that would enable his powers. So I was waiting for him to say it for ages, and when he finally did I thought ‘What took him do long?” *laughing*

Okay well, to wrap up, I think they ended it perfectly. Shazam suggested ‘Super Seven’ as a name for the group and everybody groaned, and he goes “What, you don’t like it?” Perfect ending. I laughed, so hard. The irony of it was so much funnier than in the X Men movie when Wolverine mentions the leather costumes and Cyclops was all like, “What did you expect? Spandex?” And it was like Ha Ha, Cyclops but more cheese than irony. (Sorry.)

I have really warmed to Shazam. I went to find out about him straightaway (lol jk, I literally scrolled through the Wikipedia page for five minutes) and minus Batman, I think he’s my favourite JL member O_O

Hem hem... DARKSEID.

He looked like a box *laughinggg*
I know that sounds weird, but when he was hovering through the air, I thought
'Why is his feet so square? His whole BODY is square!' I like his design.
His lack of dialogue made him even more fearsome.

Hey, remember this?
This is the cartoon that made me like Justice League in the first place.


LOVED it. Loved the character designs, the story was gritty and realistic, probably because it’s more grown up than other movies I’ve watched, and also it had references I understood, like when Shazam goes to Darkseid, “Yeah okay Darkseid or whatever your World Of Warcraft name is” – and my eyes when wide in the Oh They Went There kind of way. I mean, World of Warcraft. Woooooahhh. Went there ^.^

So now... I have to go and read the comic :3

Click Here To See More About 'War' On DC Comics Website

I got this incredible silhouette image from Screenrant.



It’s had reignited an old story I wrote that I loved, which I’ve nicknamed my Mutant Story, also Clear’s Story and later Immortal Architect. It’s essentially about superpowered beings and whatnot, and it’s been racing through my mind ever since I saw the movie (yesterday c: ) but that also makes me very wary as it’s be the first time I’ve become so wholeheartedly distracted from writing my Seven Empire book.

I’m making so much progress - I must not be swayed.

Ashana Lian .

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