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Friday, 17 January 2014

Fiction on Fridays? Maybe? Maybe?!

HEY! I have an idea!!! :3

Why don't I write a short fic to post on Fridays? =D
I'm so excited about this! I honestly cannot wait to get this thing goin.


As usual, I spoke too soon =( Yesterday was pretty awful, won't go into it but I think I need to figure out a technique to deal with situation like yesterday. I think the solution is NLP. So that's the bad news. good news is I did actually manage to do the writing. Because I was very upset, I wrote it from start to finish and didn't edit. I don't intend to look at it again. I will type it up this evening after work and post.

At least I did post today, like I promised. =]

When I have the story posted, I'll put a link to it HERE.

Sha xx

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