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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Author's Notes on [Revelation Of The Gateway]

HERE to read the short fic.

Well, I don't own this picture but does anybody know who does? I'd like to credit them!

I love that picture.

One rule I kinda made up for Fiction Fridays was that I do not edit whatever I write. So the first draft goes up - bam, that's it. That it. If it doesn't make sense, if there's typos, WHATEVER. It stays.

... this rule might not stay. XD

This fic doesn't actually makes sense. There was some things I realised I didn't explain properly, I wanted to to go back and add it in, but couldn't because of the above rule... oh well. It was fun, for a short fic. I haven't written an oneshot in ageeeees. AGES.

I realised something else about Fantasy Fiction Fridays. If I keep writing short fics, it's going to distract me from the book I'm actually writing. Karalan has been on my mind ALL DAY, nonstop, I thought about her when I woke up, on the train to work, she walked around work with me and used fire essence on evil customers and swore at them and sneered, but I haven't actually written anything down.

SO, oneshots will be every other Friday, and Friday's in-between HAVE to be from Seven Empires Fall O_O wah.

'Celestial energy'? I LITERALLY lifted that from my my other story, Seven Empires. Fall (prev. out Of The Dust) I couldn't really be bothered to go into creating a new magic. Aura energy is already fully developed, so I thought, let's tweak that. If I wasn't myself, I'd be annoyed at my own laziness, but seeing as I don't much care c:

Improvements (If I were to rewrite/add to this, I would...)

- Create a fuller picture of Visago and Neina. I didn't get to describe either of them enough; only the vague impression that she is younger than him because she's his student, and she has long hair.
- Get more in depth about the 'energy'.
... or not. Creating new laws of space/time/physics is hard. I'd first have to take this story a lot more seriously, and we all know I'm not really trying -hahahaha.-
- MASTERS OF THE FORM!! Of everything in this short fic, the Liberty Sword and the Masters intrigued me the most. I'd really love to explore their social/political status and what they can do and whatnot c:

Ashana Lian .

PS. I used to only post on Thursdays, but not I post fics on Fridays, normal posts will probably be on Tuesdays now. Such is life.

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