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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

A New Year, Renewed Efforts

... half a month in, hahahaha !

Oh man. I am awful.

Reminds me of my story Quest. The girl looks as if she may have ginger hair, like Yanamari :3

It was a long time since I've posted. I felt it pointless to point without having done any major work, so as a result, months have languished by. (Languished. Love that word.)

Then I planned to make a fresh start on new years day and make my first post of 2014, like I did with my 5 other personal blogs (almost). But I ran out of time, and then I figured as I missed that deadline I set for myself, what the hell. I'd post when I was ready.

Only that never happened because I was never sure what to say. My non-progress with my writing seemed like a no-go - especially compared to the author of this blog I'm reading, called So You Want To Be A Writer. It's great. She posts on the blog EVERY DAY. Every day, without fail. She left her job to pursue writing full time. I find that all soo inspiring. She also actually writes every day, something that I SWEAR, I am going to get back into the habit of, including reading every day.

Love this cosplay. Her suit's all satin-y and shiny c:

The 'Oh' News

I wasted a good part of this evening watching youtube videos on comic books :) It started with The Legend Of Korra Season 3 (video), which I don't watch but as I am a HUGE fan of The Legend Of Aang, I thought I'd have a gander =P Then I ended up watching a lot of videos by the same Youtube channel.

Then I watched top Ten Black Superheroes (video), which I found interesting as I didn't even know about some of them. I didn't give me any more cosplaying ideas though, I already knew about Storm, and I think Michonne and Amanda Walker would be quite obscure except to huge fans.

Then I watched Anne Hathaway is Catwoman. From Comics to Trailer to Movie.(video) That was pretty cool, gave a history of the character, which I loved. Also answered some of my questions about why this superhero-slash-antihero never seems to wear a practical costume. I haven't actually seen The Dark Knight Rises but now I intend to.

THEN * -pant- * I watched X-Men: Days of Future Past, Jennifer Lawrence, Rebecca Romijn as Mystique (video), which I liked a well. I knew Mystique has been with several known superheroes, but I didn't realise just HOW MANY dudes she's had a baby by until this video! Like wow! I didn't know Grayford Crawson existed! Or was it Graydon Creed? Ohhh, probably Graydon Creed. (e_e) I forget.

So that's what drank my time this evening, when I should have been writing. It has reignited my love for comics, which I haven't read in a surprisingly long while considering I still read a LOT of manga (with thanks to Psyren.) But now I have much university work to catch up on, I don't think they'll be much time. We'll see. I still want to read Xmen: Battle Of The Atom. And I still wanna watch this other video I saw called Scarlett Johanssen As Black Widow and Top Ten Female Superheroes. I wonder who'll make the list. I think my favourite DC hero is Zatanna, my favourite Marvel character is X-Men's Jubilee, but I also get the feeling that next time I think about that question, my answer will change (lmao).

^ Jubilee. Underrated!

The Good News

I am afraid of saying It's Over, but my mental health has improved alot since the beginning of the year. I received an official diagnosis from my doctor which will allow my to get support in case I'm struggling, which makes me feel really relieved.

Ironically, as these structures come into place, I feel a lot less 'down'. I still have those awful days, but they're a lot less frequent. I can't think of many changes I made, except for upping my fruit and water intake, and I started taking St. Johns Wart, which I think I really helping.

This is doubly great because aside from the insomnia and constant tiredness, I can really get on with things and catch up on what I'd missed, including writing and reading time. I don't think I've actually read a BOOK in several months. It was bizarre to go from loving books, to then dreading the thought of having to get through one, whether for university or just for fun. This is really nothing new. But I picked up Some We Love, Some We Hate, Some We Eat again, and I'm actually quite enjoying it. Well, as much as you can enjoy a book of that nature. It's really interesting.

GOAL: Post again on Friday, maybe do a freehand writing session in response to a picture and post it here.

Ashana Lian .

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