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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Out Of The Dust - Chapter 3

Chapter 3 - Xivi Island.
This chapter is SO - TRICKY!!!

It's already been written, but it's the revising part. I've got 6 pages too many and I'm going to have to be ruthless to cut it down. The problem is there's too many things to cover.

- Jory and Karalan trying to understand each other
- Cassie's identity and her dislike towards Karalan
- Dim's identity and his bizarre habits (this may now be Chapter 5)
- The fact that they're on a moving island which later becomes important
- The fact that they're at the House of Nocsaare, which is important because it haunts Karalan for the rest of her life
- Karalan trying to get her body back to how it was - after all, she's used to being a warrior
- MOST importantly, Karalan trying to determine exactly what has transpired in one cycle/seven years.

Revising this chapter is taking so much longer than the other two, I'm doing the final readthrough now and it's a killer. The next one is considerably easier and I can't wait to get there. Also, that's when we finally meet Milete Beyene :3

Time to put my head down and get my teeth in this.

Ashana Lian .

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